April 7th is certainly giving us cause to get hype. Joey Bada$$ took to Instagram to share his thoughts on his forthcoming album release, stating “here is the last 2 years of my most critical thinking in physical form…go get that April 7th. (By the way 4/7 is officially the new global hip-hop appreciation day and I’m sure dot would agree).” While Joey’s album All-Amerikkkan Badass has been announced for a while, Kendrick Lamar recently added some fuel to the hype fire with his latest track “The Heart Part 4,” proclaiming we have till April 7th to get our collective shit together.

Clearly, something is brewing. April 7th looks to be a monumental day in modern hip-hop history, especially if K.dot comes through with a surprise album drop. It’s also nice to see a lack of animosity, as both rappers seem equally excited, fueled by sheer love of hip-hop (and maybe a hint of competitive spirit).

Where will you be on April 7th, the newly dubbed Global Hip-Hop Appreciation day? And more importantly, which album would you be bumping first?  



Joey Bada$$ Declares April 7th "Global Hip-Hop Appreciation Day"