Vic Mensa Speaks On PinkyDoll "Light Skin Fishing" Allegations

Mensa sees the situation as a symptom of a larger problem.

BYBen Mock
Celebrities Visit SiriusXM - August 24, 2023

TikTok star PinkyDoll has found herself in hot water this week following an appearance at the Streamy Awards. Many viewers noted that PinkyDoll is much darker skinned in real life compared to her online content. This led many people to accuse the Canadian content creator of artificially lightening her skin to boost her appeal and engagement.

Furthermore, PinkyDoll didn't help her case when she responded to the allegations. “When I go to the sun, I can get a little darker. It’s life, what can I do? And I love to be a Black woman, fuck you mean?” she told TMZ. “I think they’re just hating. It’s hate.” This response did not sit well with a lot of people, who saw it as PinkyDoll dodging the issue. Furthermore, she received additional backlash for also essentially admitting to lightening her skin. As part of her interview with TMZ, she said she used lighting tricks to "look more Japanese." However, now other figures who have had to battle colorism in their careers are stepping forward to speak out.

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Vic Mensa Advocates For Natural Beauty

Musician Vic Mensa, who is biracial and has previously addressed the issue of colorism in his own work, discussed the PinkyDoll situation with TMZ. “I think it’s a deeper issue than a person. The aspiration to a European beauty standard influences people to think that they have to be of a lighter complexion to be viewed as beautiful, to view themselves as beautiful," Mensa told the outlet. “At the end of the day- we as Black people and people of color across the planet – we have to learn to love ourselves and our natural beauty and lean away from those things. I won’t chastise anybody doing it because it doesn’t start or end with this person that you mentioned.”

Furthermore, Mensa delved into the origins of colorism. He argued that the concept had been "programmed" into the Black community through centuries of oppression. He concluded his comments with a statement of support and self-love. “I think [Pinkydoll] is beautiful just the way she is. To anybody that might see this or see that, recognize your beauty the way that you are.”

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