Fans of Action Bronson know that one of the rapper’s many strengths is his magnificent charisma. In fact, his charisma has secured him success in his myriad non-musical endeavors, from the VICELAND culinary series Fuck That’s Delicious, to his stoner-friendly series Action Bronson And Friends Watch “Ancient Aliens.” Believe it or not, there are actually an entire conglomerate of Action fans who probably don’t even know he’s a rapper. He’s simply that endearing. 

Now, the rapper has expanded his small-screen empire with a brand new series, Hungry Hearts With Action Bronson. The series, which brings Bronson into a four-way alliance with VICELAND, and Snapchat, finds Action realizing his “lifelong dream” of becoming a “millionaire matchmaker.” In fact, a laid back Bronson announces that he will be officially denouncing rap in order to fully dedicate himself to the noble cause of bringing singles together. 

The concept of the show is rather simple. Each episode will find two singles partaking in dates fully “curated” by Action Bronson, which will inevitably implement his aptitude for discovering the dopest culinary spots out there. The series will actually be aired through VICELAND’s Snapchat account, and the first episode stars a young prospective couple by the name of Dean and Olivia. In their first Bronson-curated date, Dean and Olivia hit up a graveyard in Ozone Park, Queens, before wrapping up the macabre date with some eats at D’Angelo’s Italian Sausage Truck. While some might question the merits and inherent moral dilemma of dating in a cemetery, perhaps it’s better to simply put your blind faith in Bronsolino.

Hungry Hearts begins airing today, so check it out on VICELAND’s Snapchat account. In case you missed it, Action Bronson recently released one of his best projects yet – Blue Chips 7000 – which you can stream here.

Action Bronson

Action Bronson's New "Hungry Hearts" Series Starts Today