DisguisedToast Says He's "Open" To Joining The LCS

Many fans would love to see the streamer join the league.

BYBen Mock
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2019 All-Star Event Day 1

If reports are correct, there will be two vacant slots in the LCS ahead of the 2024 season. The first will be that of TSM, who said earlier this year that they would be leaving the North American league to join another tier-one region. Then came the news, courtesy of content creator Daniel Gonzales, that a team not named TSM had already sold their franchise slot.

That left many people wondering just who would be filling the multiple spots in the league. MrBeast has previously expressed interest in joining the league. However, there has been little talk on that front since Worlds 2022. But for many, the ideal candidate was Jeremy "DisguisedToast" Wang. The League superfan and highly successful streamer recently entered the esports scene with his second-tier League team, Disguised. The team excelled in their first split in the NACL, winning the tournament outright. Now, Wang has said he's not opposed to taking the team up a step.

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Disguised Open To But Wary Of LCS Jump

Speaking with Travis Gafford, Wang admitted that he was “open to join the LCS." However, he admitted he was worried about the financial impact. He said that he wanted to "break even" in the next two years. Furthermore, he hadn't heard positive things about LCS financials. “I heard joining the LCS actually loses you more money, which is kinda crazy,” he said. “The more you win and the more successful you are, you actually lose more money in esports. It’s better to just lose.”

Furthermore, Wang reiterated that he didn't want to box himself into purely running League operations. Wang has already announced that he will be forming a VALORANT team. Additionally, he also expressed interest in other Riot products like Teamfight Tactics and the upcoming Project L. Outside of Riot Games, Wang also floated scenes like Counter-Strike 2, Apex Legends, and Rainbow Six: Siege also potential future ventures. It's clear that Wang has big goals for his newly formed org. However, to the disappointment of many fans, it appears that the golden opportunity to join the LCS might have come just a little too early.


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