It's been quite the year for 6lack. Following the release of his debut album Free 6lack, he's been on the road or in the studio and hasn't failed to deliver with anything he does. However, the singer took to Twitter today to announce that'll he'll be stepping out of the lime light to re-shift his focus.

6lack posted a lengthy note on his Twitter today addressing some of the things that have been weighting on his mind. There's no doubt that he's been busy this past year, taking his talents on the road, most notably with the Weeknd during his "Legend Of The Fall" tour. However, all of the wins he's collected have kept him away from an incredibly important aspect of his life: his daughter. He says he has a lot of music that he's recorded over the past year but hasn't had the time to perfect any of it either so he's decided to postpone his upcoming tour.

"I mised the picking through every line, every song, every sound and then analyzing through my life and my mistakes. but also more importantly during this time, I've missed being the father I always wanted to be to my daughter," he says, "For the 8 months she's been alive, I have about 2 months of pieced together memories of us together. between that and wanting to tap back into the music, I've been feeling the need to make some tough decisions. One of which is postponing my upcoming European tour."

He later says that he prides himself on completing every task that he takes on and doesn't want to disappoint his fans in the long run. 

"I've made the decision that right now the music needs to be finished and I want to actually feel what it's like to be a dad. I think that's what this next album is for: being more reflective of my current life. The last project was a summary of my past, this one is an update on my present," he says, "As much as I love owkring my ass off, I can't really channel my perspective on my present life, if I'm not actively living it." 

He ends the note by thanking his fans for allowing him to be a person before saying that he has new music on the way and an album to follow that. When that'll be? Who knows. But it's nice to hear him be as open as he is on the subject.

Read the full letter below: