It's no secret that 6ix9ine's short-lived legacy has left audiences divided. From his controversial come-up, oft-boasted gang ties ("IT'S FUCKING TREYWAY") and aggressive bangers, the self-proclaimed King Of New York has drawn vitriol from artist and fan alike. Now, with his very freedom hanging in the balance, it feels as if more public figures laughed at his expense than vouched for his freedom. In fact, one of the only people to voice their support was "FEFE" collaborator Nicki Minaj; one has to wonder, where was Kanye West, who seemed to reach out to the rapper for both Yandhi and Dummy Boy. Where are the rest of his collaborators, who lined Day 69 and looked likely to line Dummy Boy?

It would appear, that once the shit hit the fan, many washed their hands of the young rapper. Unwilling to go down with the ship, perhaps, or simply tainted by his controversial nature. After all, it's clear that 6ix9ine was immersed in some deep gangland activity; whether he was truly in over his head, making poor life choices, or both is anybody's guess. Seeing as many tend to flood the internet with #Free ____ upon a given rapper's incarceration, we were curious to behold whether Tekashi would yield the same loyalty.