While 6ix9ine has made good on his promise to go nine for nine on the Billboard charts, his promise to stay out of legal trouble has been another matter altogether. Daniel Hernandez, known in hip-hop circles as Tekashi 6ix9ine, was previously offered a no-jail deal back in 2015, provided he could keep his nose clean. Unfortunately, a slew of recent arrests and reckless behavior has once again landed him in court. 6ix9ine was actually arrested twice since receiving the lenient ultimatum; once for allegedly choking a "fan" in Houston, and another time for squeezing a police officer's wrist. 

Not to mention, his propensity for aggressively requesting fellatio from any and all enemies has raised several eyebrows; there's only so many times you can tell people to "suck your dick" before prosecutors deem you a menace to society. Unfortunately, the amalgamation of dubious incidents has led 6ix9ine down a perilous road, and he may very well be facing potential jail time as a result. Page Six has reported that the Manhattan District Attorney's office is looking to retract their previous offer, and put their foot down accordingly.

Prosecutors are pushing for between one and three years. As of now, 6ix9ine's fate will be decided in three weeks time.