If you're worried about 6ix9ine being in jail, you probably don't have to worry any longer.

Earlier this week, New York rapper 6ix9ine asked his fans to pray for him, as he was facing his upcoming court date related to his guilty plea for usage of a child in a sexual performance back in 2015. The condition was that if he could pass his GED he could potentially avoid up to three years in prison. 

Then yesterday, as all his fans awaited the results of his trial, 6ix9ine deleted all of his posts on Instagram. DJ Akademics reported that 6ix9ine hadn't shown up for his court date, leading people to believe that his arrest was imminent.

A new post then appeared on 6ix9ine's Instagram, promoting his new song "GOTTI" and the re-release of his debut mixtape, Day69. The post was supposedly written by his management, saying that we won't be hearing from 6ix9ine until further notice, only intensifying the rumors of his incarceration. He also posted "#FREE69" on his Twitter account.

Now the reports that 6ix9ine's court date was actually adjourned have been proven to be true. The Blast got a hold of the county clerk of the Supreme Court of New York County, who confirmed that 6ix9ine's trial has been moved to June 19th, a little over two months from now.

So if 6ix9ine isn't in jail, where exactly is he? Is this all an elaborate ruse to promote "GOTTI", or is this something else entirely. Regardless of what the intentions are, the jig is up.