Mere hours ago, 6ix9ine announced his intentions to deliver a new album unto the masses. The announcement came alongside a new song preview, which found the rainbow-haired rapper teaming up with Scott Storch and Tory Lanez for a Jackie Chan inspired banger. At the time, little to no information was shared, save for a November 23rd release date. Now, we officially have an album cover and a title: Dummy Boy.

The artwork once again depicts 6ix9ine's animated doppelganger, channeling his inner "pee pee man" and whizzing a rainbow stream onto the floor. "WATCH ME OUTSELL EVEYBODY," he captions. "SUCK MY DICK." The man is lewd, crude, and confident in his branding. Say what you will about him, but 6ix9ine has proven to be more cunning than initially suspected. It wouldn't be surprising to see a few surprise features pop up, depending on how much effort 6ix9ine decides to put into the album.

Time will tell. Until now, check out the album cover below.