Erica Banks Discusses Her Fling With Khaotic, Amy Luciani Calls Her "Delusional"

Amy Luciani claims that Khaotic is "for everybody."

BYCaroline Fisher
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Some drama has been brewing between Erica Banks and Amy Luciani today (July 26). The Neighborhood Talk shared a clip of Erica Banks speaking on her fling with Khaotic, claiming that they're just "scratching the surface" of their relationship. "He gettin' to know me," she added. In the clip, the duo is also seen sharing a fairly intimate hug. Amy Luciani then took to the comments section of the post to weigh in. She shared some personal intel regarding her own relationship with Khaotic, alongside an eye roll emoji. Luciani claims that she and Khaotic had just recently hooked up, telling Banks to, "get ittttt girlllll."

The passive aggressive comment has got social media users talking, and speculating about her own relationship with Khaotic. He previously claimed to want a "polyester relationship with Amy and Erica," likely referring to a polyamorous dynamic. Luciani later shared an side-by-side photo of her and Banks wearing the same outfit and wig, writing a lengthy caption about the drama.

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Amy Luciani Throws Shade At Erica Banks

"Last time imma speak on this. I do NOT want Khaotic," she began the post. Luciani continued, "I told him he fa everybody that’s when he reached down and grabbed for Erica. I bowed out the situation. Erica just commented that I’m delusional," Luciani says, "As you see he bought her my same wig but she extended her baby hair. He put her in the exact same outfit as me 3 weeks later and boom - she became Delusional. I personally think they look cute together. Let them be happy. Now check that ! Big booty Phaedra voice."

Unfortunately, the Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star's post only heightened the tension. Various social media users are claiming that she's "pressed" about Khaotic and Banks, which is leading some to think she has feelings for him. It's been reported that Banks' relationship with Khaotic began months ago, with Banks confirming that they were an "item" in an interview in June.

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