Nicki Minaj recently shared a bit of insight into the writing and recording of some of her most beloved songs. The Queens rapper spoke of the hooks she freestyled in the studio, as well as the collaborations she’s done with songwriter Ester Dean. One of the most interesting tidbits was shared had to do with Kanye West.

According to Nicki, when West was looking for a song to jump on from her then-upcoming debut album Pink Friday, he originally selected the ballad “Right Thru Me.” It was only through some convincing from Minaj that he agreed to add a verse to the deep cut “Blazin” instead.

For anyone that’s heard the songs, it’s probably for the best that Ye ended up where he did. “Blazin” stands as one of his most underrated features, and it’s hard to imagine him doing more with the mid-tempo trot of “Right Thru Me.”

Check out a few more of Nicki’s songwriting tweets below.