Yung Miami Feuds With Blueface's Mom About Carlee Russell

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Broccoli City Festival Day 1
WASHINGTON, DC - JULY 15: Yung Miami of City Girls performs live onstage during Broccoli City Festival Day 1 at RFK Stadium on July 15, 2023 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Brian Stukes/Getty Images for The Recording Academy)

Saffold decided to take some shots at the City Girl.

The case of Carlee Russell has captured the nation's attention for the past week and a half. The 25-year-old Alabama resident was reportedly kidnapped after calling 911 after a toddler walking along the side of I-459 south of Birmingham. Three days later, Russell reappeared at home with a story of kidnapping and sexual exploitation. However, the subsequent police investigation revealed a much different story.

In a press conference, police said they had found no evidence that Russell had been kidnapped. Furthermore, police said that Russell's search history for the day before her disappearance included the kidnapping movie Taken, searches about triggering an Amber Alert, and research into a bus ticket from Birmingham, Alabama to Nashville, Tennessee. Unsubstantiated claims have since emerged claiming that Russell had acted in the way that she had due to her boyfriend's infidelity. Now celebrities are beefing online over their responses to the case.

Yung Miami Beefs With Blueface's Mom

City Girl rapper Yung Miami originally caught flak for her claim that the actions of Russell's boyfriend were not an excuse for what she did. People were quick to point out that Miami had defended her City Girl partner JT when she had blamed a car accident on Lil Uzi Vert. However, it was Yung Miami's other take that started some beef. On July 20, Miami tweeted “THANK YOU @cthagod everything is NOT MENTAL ILLNESS!! Some ppl will do anything for attention! I don’t see mental illness at all in this carlee case!”

Presumably feeling like she hadn't caught a headline in a hot minute, Karlissa Saffold, mother of rapper Blueface, took to Instagram. She reposted Miami's tweet and added the caption "I’d play kidnapped before letting someone pee on me." It's a very weird thing to contribute to the discussion about a potentially faked kidnapping but regardless. Miami shot back in the comments, stating "We know you, cause you a mental ill old attention-seeking hoe! NEXT." Saffold hit back, "I left my 2 cents just like the rest of y'all do on every dam post. Now get back to work." It's a painfully boomer response, especially from someone who rides their son's fame. Regardless, who do you think won this feud?


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