Kevin Garnett Calls Out Elon Musk After Draymond Green Falls For Fake Tweet

An NBA parody account on Twitter nearly started beef between Garnett and Green.

BYBen Mock
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Everyone has been rehashing the Draymond Green-Jordan Poole fight in recent days. For his part, Green defended the punch while on Patrick Beverley's podcast. “I don’t just hit people,” Green said. “Dialogue, of course, happens over time, and you usually ain’t just triggered by something that fast, to that degree. This is a team, ain’t nobody on my team triggering me in an instant. We know stuff that you don’t say amongst men, we know things that you have to stand on." This prompted Poole's father to call out Green and lay down an offer to face off.

Someone else who didn't approve of Green's comments was Kevin Garnett. Speaking on Showtime, Garnett said "Draymond punching JP is like a senior punching a freshman who's half his size and then walks around talking himself up as if he's all that. Come try me Dray." Green then quote-tweeted basketball aggregator account @NBACentral, who re-shared the quote from Garnett. "I tried you when I was a rookie KG, and you started talking to yourself like I wasn't talking to you. What's that like? The freshman picking on a senior citizen that's double his size?" Green also tagged Garnett in the tweet.

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There was just one problem - the tweet hadn't come from @NBACentral but instead from @NBACentel, a clearly labeled parody account. The KG quote was completely fake, and yet Green had fallen for it hook, line, and sinker. Instead of starting an actual beef, however, Garnett turned to Elon Musk. "That's a fake tweet. "NBA Centel" ... @elonmusk see wtf is happening. Fix it," Garnett wrote as a quote-tweeted of Green's now-deleted tweet. While NBA Centel is clearly labeled as a parody account in its bio, the fact that the account has a verified checkmark means it's easy to fall for it at a quick glance. It's a problem that has plagued the rollout of Twitter Blue and is an issue that Musk said would be fixed by the new verification system.

Garnett's sentiment was further echoed by Kevin Durant, who didn't see the funny side of things as news of Green's tweet went viral. Durant responded to a tweet from Buttcrack Sports saying that Durant had said it best when he tweeted "Aye these ballsack sports knockoffs be having y'all in a major chokehold." NBA Centel then responded to Durant's tweet ("Gotta be more careful out here") with "Hey KD what we are doing? Talk to your boy @Money23Green". However, Durant wasn't having it, responding to the parody account, Nay yo, u gotta chill. Do something about this @god."


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