Crip Mac Reacts To Island Boys Kissing: "That's Custer Activity"

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Crip Mac is not a fan of the clip.

Recently, the Island Boys took to social media to share a controversial clip of them kissing each other on the mouth. One of the twins, Kodiyakredd, posted the clip in an effort to promote his OnlyFans. For obvious reasons the clip went viral, as social media users are disturbed by the make out. Yesterday, Crip Mac hopped on his own account to weigh in. It's clear that he's not a fan, going off on the brothers for the kiss.

"Y'all might as well f**k each other in the a*s," Crip Mac explains, "Y'all make me sick." "Why do that type of sh*t?," he asks, "Now that's custer activity right there." "You don't have no respect five yourself," he told the duo, dubbing them the "God damn custer boys." The walking meme wasn't alone in his reaction, as various other users were also disgusted by the stunt.

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Crip Mac Is Not A Fan

DJ Akademiks also shared the clip, prompting a response from the other Island Boy, Flyysoulja. “Hahahaa I got everyone paying attention I knew it," he commented alongside laughing emojis. Flyysoulja added, “So it took a kiss for everybody to pay attention? I guess selling your soul is real.”

Earlier this month, it was also reported that Kodiyakredd suffered a seizure. His twin shared the news along with a crying selfie. He asked fans to pray for his brother, later assuring them that he was "okay." In May, Kodiyakredd was also arrested for alleged domestic battery. His ex-girlfriend, Amina Sobhi, had alleged that he hit her and pushed her into a pool after she tried to break up with him. Last month, footage of his arrest hit the internet. In the clip, he argues with law enforcement, accusing them of "profiling" him. “On my dead daddy you profiling me,” he shouts in the footage. He then went on to say he was being arrested for "no reason," claiming he "didn't do nothing, homie."

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