Island Boy Kodiyakredd's Arrest Footage Leaks: "You Profiling Me"

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Leaked footage shows Kodiyakredd claiming to be profiled.

One of the Island Boys, Kodiyakredd, was arrested last month following a domestic dispute. The artist, born Franky Venegas, was taken into custody for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend at the time. His now-ex, Amina Sobhi, claimed that she had attempted to break things off with him due to his "physically abusive behavior." She alleges that the breakup attempt resulted in Venegas hitting her and pushing her into a pool. He was later charged with domestic battery. New leaked footage of the arrest shows the 21-year-old claiming to be profiled by a police officer.

“On my dead daddy you profiling me,” Venegas is heard screaming from the back of a police car in the footage. “I don’t care bro you’re profiling me. I swear to God…babe he’s profiling me.” He later claimed that he was being arrested for "no reason," telling the officer that he "didn't do nothing, homie." Venegas is then shown in police custody, continuing to argue with officers. He shouts, “You see my juvenile record? My juvenile record’s extensive." “Ok don’t play with me bro," he also warns, "Alright bro, shut your Indian-a*s up. Don’t play with me. Real talk man stop playing with me."

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Kodiyakredd Says He's Being Profiled

“I’m telling you, bro. I’m not the one to play with," he's later heard explaining, "What you make $20,000 a year, bro?" "I’ll make that in a day, I made that yesterday," Venegas continues, "C’mon bro don’t come at me cuz, I’m not the one to play with.”

The other Island Boy, Flyysoulja, also recently took to social media to threaten to "beat [Snoop Dogg's] a*s." Snoop had made fun of the twins during a Peacock special alongside Kevin Hart, calling them "Two goofballs in the pool." “If he were to say that to me in real life, on sight I would fade,” Flyysoulja responded at the time. "I swear to God on everything in my life I would." Later, Snoop revealed on Instagram that he "don’t want no [smoke]" with the Island Boys.

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