Saturday Night Live writers and comedians weren’t about to let the Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather fight go down without impersonating the extremely confident UFC champ. 

Alex Moffat recently delivered an impression of Conor McGregor as part of the “Weekend Update” skit, and revealed just how he’s going to dominate Floyd this Saturday in Las Vegas. Wearing a red turtle neck, a hefty gold chain and his signature polar bear fur coat, the faux-McGregor explains,

“I’m going to drive Mayweather out of the ring the same way St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland — piss drunk while screaming something about Jesus.” 

“Yeah, but I’m Irish. So I’m going to win the Irish way: Get my arse beat down but then just get back up and wander into the pub like nothing happened.”

The Irish superstar’s impersonator even mixed in a Lucky Charms reference, claiming, “When I punch Mayweather he’s going to see stars, orange stars, pink hearts, yellow moons, green clovers and for a limited time only, red balloons.”

All jokes aside, this Saturday’s super welterweight bout between the 49-0 Floyd Mayweather and the face of the UFC has all the makings of the biggest money fight in the history of the sport of boxing. When you combine the money made from ticket sales, ppv buys, sponsorship sales, merchandise sales and betting, it is expected that Mayweather vs. McGregor will challenge the record $623.5 million that Mayweather vs Pacquaio generated in 2015.

The winner of the fight will not only get bragging rights but also a specially designed “Money Belt” that was unveiled at the final press conference earlier this week. World Boxing Council president, Mauricio Sulaiman, explained during the press conference that the extraordinary belt features 3,360 diamonds, 600 sapphires, 160 emeralds, over three pounds of solid, 24-karat gold and crocodile leather straight from Italy. You can check out the glamourous prize right here.

The real Conor McGregor will come face to face with Floyd once more at today’s weigh-in for the final time before they step into the ring this Saturday at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

For now, enjoy SNL’s Weekend Update skit featuring Alex Moffat as Conor McGregor.


Conor McGregor Impersonated On SNL's "Weekend Update"