Four years ago, Nicki Minaj partnered with Kmart to expand her brand empire by creating an exclusive lifestyle brand with the budget retailer. That partnership seems to be coming to an end, purportedly due to a lack of sales. Tough break for the rapper and singer who is still reeling from Remy Ma’s “SHEther” diss track.

Interestingly, the news was first posted by a Kmart parody account (fake news, anyone?), potentially as a way to joke about the diss Nicki Minaj had just received. However, multiple sources were able to confirm via a representative at Kmart that the Nicki Minaj Collection was in fact being discontinued. Insider info, or just good timing? Read Kmart’s statement below.

“Kmart is thrilled that we were the first retail partner to create a custom apparel line for Nicki Minaj. From the development of the line, to showcasing it in stores, to designing exclusive capsule collections, we have enjoyed a positive relationship with Nicki Minaj and her team over the last three years. As our partnership came to a close in 2016, we would like to thank Nicki Minaj for being a great partner and wish her continued success in her future endeavors.”

Not really a great look for Kmart to have news about its company break from a parody account. Most of Nicki Minaj’s apparel is currently on sale with discounts of 40%. Meanwhile Adam Levine’s Kmart collection, which began at the same time as Minaj’s, still appears to be going strong.

[via Billboard]


Kmart Awkwardly Announces It’s Discontinuing The Nicki Minaj Collection