Key Glock Pokes Fun At Doe Boy After Causing Him To Sprain His Ankle

Many rappers that took part in the matches for "The Crew League" have been criticized for their lack of skills.

BYNoah Grant
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Key Glock has caused further embarrassment for Doe Boy after leaving him with a sprained ankle. This comes following an impressive crossover move on the basketball court. The incident occurred during a game between their respective teams in Season 5 of The Crew League. A viral clip of the moment was uploaded to Twitter. The video captured Doe Boy falling to the floor. The move by Key Glock seemed impressive for a moment. Unfortunately, his subsequent shot missed the mark by a significant margin. Sadly, Doe Boy was the one who had to pay the price.

Overtime's Twitter account mocked Key Glock's missed shot while highlighting Doe Boy's fall. This, of course, prompted a response from the injured rapper. The rapper sent Glock a photo of his swollen and bruised ankle. He expressed the pain he was experiencing and said that his ankle was sprained. In response, Glock shared their text exchange on Twitter. He was seemingly proud of the damage caused by his crossover move. The outcome of the game remains unknown as the results will be revealed when the season premieres on REVOLT later in June.

Key Glock And Doe Boy Weren't The Only Bad Players

In addition to Doe Boy and Key Glock, other rappers faced criticism for their basketball skills over the weekend. Offset received backlash from fans after footage showed him air balling two jump shots before a game. Offset didn't dispute the claims. In fact, he fully admitted he wasn't a skilled basketball player. Kevin Gates also faced embarrassment. He accidentally shot on his own team's hoop not once but twice, drawing gasps from the crowd.

He may not have much to celebrate in terms of basketball, but Doe Boy has some other things to be happy about. Last week, the rapper released his new album BEEZY. The rapper had been waiting for Jennifer Lopez and Ja Rule to grant permission for him to sample one of their popular collaborations for his new track, "Way I Walk." After a year of persistence, Doe Boy expressed gratitude to J.Lo and Ja Rule in a video, stating that they finally made it happen and acknowledging their support.


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