Shaquille O’Neal made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night ahead of today’s statue unveiling outside of the Staples Center in Los Angeles and told an awesome story about the time he tipped a waitress $4,000 simply because she asked for it.

As Shaq explained to Kimmel, whenever he goes out to a restaurant he tells the waiter or waitress that the faster his food arrives at the table, the better the tip will be. Furthermore, at the end of the meal he’ll ask the server how much they want and tip accordingly.

One waitress who wasn’t shy about her stellar work ethic asked Shaq for 4 grand, and he obliged. So if you’re ever waiting tables and see Shaq walk in don’t be afraid to ask for the moon.

Check out the clip below.


Shaq Tells Jimmy Kimmel About The Time He Tipped A Waitress $4,000