Joseline Hernandez: Unveiling The Woman Behind The Reality Star

In her decade on reality TV, Joseline Hernandez has become a polarizing figure. Her story is one of perseverance—and often, controversy.

BYErika Marie
Zeus Network's Joseline's Cabaret: Atlanta Season 2 Screening

For over a decade, reality television audiences have had a love-hate relationship with Joseline Hernandez. Indeed a polarizing figure in the industry, Hernandez emerged as the fiery, self-proclaimed "Puerto Rican Princess" on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Since her inception on the series, Joseline has dominated in several unscripted television spaces, from her position with Mona Scott-Young in the Love & Hip Hop franchise to her working on her long-term romance with her beau Ballistic Beats on Marriage Boot Camp. She took over the Zeus Network with her own show, Joseline's Cabaret, which lit up social media with clips of all-out brawls on set from one episode to the next. Fighting has become Hernandez's signature, and it isn't something she only does when reality cameras are rolling.

Over the weekend, Floyd Mayweather and John Gotti III were center stage at their exhibition fight. The bout brought out a crowd of famous faces, tapping Blueface, Chrisean Rock, and Hernandez as performers. The evening took a wild turn when Mayweather and Gotti unraveled in the ring following the end of the fight, but that wasn't the only unexpected tussle. Hernandez was throwing fisticuffs backstage with her Joseline's Cabaret star Big Lex, and the chaos was caught on camera. Not only was Hernandez seen punching and kicking Lex while she was on the ground, but the reality mogul also chased another woman and pushed back against security guards. Social media users teased that Joseline would find herself on the wrong side of the law. Surely enough, this morning, she was reportedly arrested and tacked with four counts of assault.


While some opt to use their words to finish an argument, Joseline grew up having to fight her way out of conflicts physically. Born in Puerto Rico, Hernandez endured a tumultuous upbringing. Her family, grappling with poverty and the death of Joseline's father's death from a heroin overdose, moved to Miami when Hernandez was six years old looking for a better life. Growing up, Hernandez faced hardship, but this adversity steeled her resolve, shaping the tenacity that would later propel her to fame.

Her initial foray into the entertainment industry was as an exotic dancer. It provided her an escape, a way to navigate financial struggles and dreams of brighter horizons. However, Hernandez had a grander vision: a love for music that urged her to pursue a career in the industry. The turning point came when she appeared on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta in 2012. Though cast as Stevie J's protégé, Hernandez's fiery spirit and inimitable personality quickly ensured she was no mere side character. She garnered a reputation as a feisty, no-nonsense figure, captivating viewers with her unapologetic authenticity.

Music Career & Joseline's Cabaret

Yet, Hernandez wasn't content with merely being a reality star. Concurrently, she sought to channel her passion for music, releasing her debut single, "Bailar," in 2016. The track, an electrifying dance number infused with Latin beats, offered the world a first glimpse of Hernandez as an artist. Her dedication to music became evident as she consistently released more tracks, exhibiting her versatility as a singer and her robust artistic flair.

In 2020, Joseline's Cabaret arrived with a vengeance. The new venture served dual purposes. It provided an unfiltered platform for adult entertainers while also letting Hernandez highlight her entrepreneurial prowess. She acted as a guide to her cast of women looking for a spot in Joseline's traveling cabaret show. The series reflected Hernandez's journey from the club scene to the world stage.

Personal Life & Romances

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - JANUARY 16: DJ/producer Balistic Beats (L) and television personality Joseline Hernandez attend Joseline's Cabaret Las Vegas premiere screening on January 16, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for The Zeus Network)

Away from the camera and the stage, Hernandez leads a life as complex and nuanced as the woman herself. Her relationship with producer and co-star Stevie J was as public as it was tumultuous. The duo, whose romance was a staple of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, often made headlines for their passionate disputes. Yet, their story also brought about Hernandez's most cherished role—motherhood. Their daughter, Bonnie Bella, born in 2016, has undoubtedly been transformative in Hernandez's life.

While with Stevie, Hernandez was often at odds with the megaproducer's ex, Mimi Faust. More recently, it looks as if the women have buried the hatchet. Joseline has also long moved on from that relationship, as she is currently with producer Ballistic Beats. The pair unite in love and business, as Ballistic is the man behind the reality star's music production. Although they fawn over one another, the couple isn't impervious to tension. They put their issues on display while on Marriage Boot Camp, but they remain dedicated to one another, regardless of the controversies that often follow them.

What's Next For The Puerto Rican Princess

Joseline Hernandez has carved her path from a troubled past through reality television to a promising music career. Despite unhinged behaviors at times, she is a captivating presence in the entertainment industry. These latest charges against Hernandez could spell a new season of trouble, but that hasn't stopped her before. The Puerto Rican Princess has always prevailed and knows how to keep checks coming to capitalize on her controversial visibility.

She further asserts her place in the entertainment industry with each chapter in her life. Zeus recently announced that Season 4 of Joseline's Cabaret is on the way, moving from Miami, Atlanta, and Las Vegas, the series has already begun filming in the latest city: New York. Whatever one's personal feelings are about Hernandez, she has built a legacy birthed out of perseverance. She has managed to triumph over adversity, an admirable quality. However, although her fans have applauded her sobriety journey and hope she will make better choices, Joseline Hernandez remains one of reality television's most polarizing figures.

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