Boosie Badazz Says DMX Made Him Cry

Boosie Badazz recently shared his emotional experience seeing DMX live.

BYCaroline Fisher
Boosie Badazz In Concert - Houston, TX

In a recent interview with Shade 45, Boosie Badazz opened up about his experience seeing DMX perform live on his "Hard Knock Life" tour. He revealed that the show was his first major concert, sharing that the performance even made him and his cousin get emotional. He also called the show the best performance he has ever seen live.

In the interview, Boosie reveals that he was only 14-years-old when he saw the artist live. "Jay-Z opened up for him," he recalls, "in Jacksonville, Florida." He went on to share that he was staying with family at the time, and his uncle brought him along to the show. "DMX made me cry bro," he revealed, "when he said that prayer at the end bro? Me and my cousin [were] holding hands." Boosie laughs, "man, we was holding hands crying." He went on to say, "I had never seen nothing like that in my life."

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Boosie Calls DMX The Best Live Show He's Seen

Boosie revealed another emotional experience he had recently, when his son told him he didn't want a Boosie fade. He shared the tragedy with The Breakfast Club earlier this month, saying, “This is my time, bro. When you go back to school, when you go back out of town, you do what you want. But this is my time. When you get 18, do what the f*ck you want." He continued, “But when you come for the summer – my two months – have enough respect for me to come as you are. Show your daddy that respect for what I put into this f*cking family. Bro, I cried. When I saw his hair, I cried. It hurt me so bad, bro."

Boosie Badazz got vulnerable again recently, when he spoke to VladTV about masturbating on a plane. “It was a long plane ride. My d*ck get hard on the plane too," he revealed, "Go jack off in the bathroom. I dun did it before. Go jack off in the bathroom. F*cking right I did."

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