Gunplay Sends Cease & Desist To DJ Envy, Internet Trolls Roast Him

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Who knew DJ Envy's charitable car show would bring him this much drama?

Now that his inaugural car show is done and dusted, DJ Envy appears ready to move on to bigger things. Unfortunately, the massive bout of drama that came along with with his charitable function is refusing to let go. Specifically, MMG artist Gunplay continues to lash out at The Breakfast Club host following their heated phone call earlier this week. At the time, the reality star recorded himself on the phone with Envy, at which time he expressed anger toward the media personality for talking about his daughter while also threatening to "slap the sh*t out of [him]" numerous times.

Gunplay later shared footage of the call on social media. It ultimately went viral, drawing more attention to the drama. It's been pointed out online that Envy now has grounds to sue the 43-year-old. Instead, though, it's the former who's filed a cease and desist against the latter, claiming that the New Yorker's comments about Gunplay and his family have been damaging to his mental health.

Gunplay Continues to Lash Out at DJ Envy

"I married a Ph.D. in criminology Karen ass Fed good luck I’mma let her take it from here buddy!" he wrote in the caption of a since-deleted Instagram post displaying the official document. "It has come to my attention that you have been making statements about my client(s), Vonshae Taylor-Morales and Richard Morales (Gunplay), that are false and misleading. These statements were averred and disseminated by you and your associates on a national, if not international level through a public forum," the document begins.

The cease and desist later demands that Envy discontinue making "false, slanderous, and defamatory statements" about Gunplay, or damages will accordingly be sought in court. On social media, many are clowning the Miami native for taking such extremes when he's not exactly innocent either. Of course, there are also some still showing support for the L&HH star.

Twitter Reacts

Keep scrolling to see some of Twitter's reaction to Gunplay taking legal action against DJ Envy below. Do you think the reality star is blowing things out of proportion, or is he justified in his actions? Let us know in the comments, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news.


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