Ralo Responds To Boosie Badazz Calling Him A "Rat"

Ralo claims he's not trying to save face.

BYCaroline Fisher
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Rappers Ralo and Boosie Badazz have exchanged some heated Tweets today. The exchange involves Boosie alleging that Ralo "snitched" on an associate. Rumors that Ralo snitched began last month, when paperwork allegedly containing “The specific information that Mr. Davis supposedly gave in the June 6th proffer against other persons, other alleged transactions, other alleged crimes” began circulating the internet.

"U know what you did n***a n it’s eating you up inside SMH ITS NEVER GO LEAVE U N***A," Boosie began his Tweet. He added, "THE REAL KNOW u A RAT, ITS OFFICIAL." It continues, "TAKE YO LICK N TELL THE REAL N***AS YOU SORRY LIKE YOU TOLD YOUR CO DEFENDANT you was SORRY. WHAT U THINK SKOOB A SAY BOUT WHAT U DID N***A? Ask yourself that question."

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Ralo Responds To Allegations

Boosie previously shared another Tweet, where he alleged that Ralo "cooperated [with law enforcement]." "@ralofamgoon U BEING STRAIGHT WITH MONEY BEFORE U MET ME HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT U HAVE DONE," he wrote. The rapper also added, "EVERY REAL STREET N***A KNOW WHATS UP. LIKE I TOLD U N OUR TEXT. U CAN RUN THAT SH*T ON SOMEONE ELSE LOL N U The ONE A LAME A*S N***A COOPERATING WHEN ALL YO N***AS BEING SOLID. WHAT U SORRY FOR ?"

Ralo promptly replied to Boosie's Tweet, writing, "It’s eating me up cuz I did all these years i prison and lame as n***as like u calling a solid n***a ah rat. P**sy a*s n***a if I would’ve told 'I WOULD BE OUT' with my daughter. I could’ve made it to the father and daughter dances." He also claims, "I lost all that shit staying solid to this p**sy a*s code. Why the f**k u putting Trouble and the world in our business hoe a*s n***a??? Set the welcome home Ralo fight up ima beat yo a*s." Ralo denied the snitching allegations again in May. “Sometimes we have to read the entire book to know the truth behind the lies in the story," he said. "Know that everything isn’t always what it seems to be. I never told yawl one lie in my life and I swear by Allah I never cooperated with the federal government. Its not one human bein on Earth can say they in jail for RALO."

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