Ebro Says "Ice Spice Don't Need Taylor"

Ebro says Ice Spice wasn't "ready for that moment."

BYCaroline Fisher
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In a recent episode of Apple Music's Rap Life Review, Ebro, Nadeska, and Lowkey shared their thoughts on new music, including Ice Spice's recent collaboration with Taylor Swift. Ice Spice appeared on Swift's "Karma (Remix)," which was shared with fans last week. Ebro thinks that Ice Spice jumping on the remix wasn't the right move, claiming that it was "too soon."

"I like Ice Spice, I like what she's brought to the game, I like that she's different, I like that she's just trying to be herself," Ebro begins. "I like the Nicki Minaj collab, I thought that was perfect," he shares, "An iconic artist jumped on your song, and validated your lyrics by using your flow." He then shared his thoughts on the more recent remix, saying, "The Taylor swift move, I think its too soon, and I don't think it's necessary." When Nadeska asked him why he thinks the move happened too soon, he shared that he believes she needs to focus on herself for now. "She doesn't even have her own album out," he explained, "She hasn't even established herself well in hip hop."

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Ebro Thinks Swift "Needs" Ice Spice

Nadeska continued to push back, telling him Ice Spice made the move for exposure. "Ice Spice has her own fan base," Ebro responded, "Ice Spice don't need Taylor." He went on to say that Swift, on the other hand, does need Ice Spice. He explained that he believes Swift tapped the bronx drill rapper as a means to stay relevant.

"Taylor Swift is gettin' old out here y'all," he claimed. The hosts continued to debate the topic, with Nadeska defending Swift. She asked Ebro, "Did she not just sell out globally? Wasn't there like, riots to get her tickets?" Ebro clapped back, saying, "All that's great, but that don't mean you're cutting-edge like Ice Spice." When Nadeska wouldn't budge, Ebro simply told her, "some people don't have vision like me, that's cool."

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