The Breakfast Club is known for their brash interviews and hard-hitting questions. They are the ones in the hip hop community without a filter when it comes to asking questions. Regardless, they are still one of the go-to radio shows to hit up for any major artists press-run. While recently, A$AP Ferg dropped his Still Striving tape, it’s no doubt that he had to visit Charlamagne tha God, DJ Envy & Angela Yee. During his interview, there was a lot to talk about however, their was one scenario that needed to be addressed.

Earlier this year, footage of A$AP Bari allegedly sexually assaulting a women surfaced the internet. While members of the Mob have addressed it at their own accord, A$AP Ferg talked about it more in-depth with the Breakfast Club. Charlamagne starts the segment off by asking Ferg if Bari is still part of the Mob.

“Yeah, he’s still part of A$AP Mob but we had to sit him down for a second,” Ferg says, “We don’t condone that kind of behavior.”

He later on continues to say that with the controversy surrounding Bari, it’s ultimately a bad reflection on the Mob as a whole. 

“He’s not the known face [in A$AP Mob]. It’s me, it’s Rocky, it’s Twelvyy, it’s all the rappers. And whenever they showed the video or spoke about it on YouTube, it would be “Shabba Ranks” B-role in the back of my video and it’s like ‘damn, I ain’t have nothing to do with that shit.'” Ferg says. He continues saying “but what happens is you guilty by association.”

Ferg also that he was raised around a bunch of women so the allegations themselves didn’t settle well with him and that as a man, Bari’s actions disgusted him.

While the controversy surrounding Bari are heavy, his association with the crew has not necessarily left a bad mark on either Rocky or Ferg’s name. This month, they geared up for “Awgest: The month of the Mob” which led to several releases, including A$AP Twelvyy’s album as well as Ferg’s Still Striving mixtape that dropped last week. In addition to the releases earlier this month, the Mob as a whole will be dropping Cozy Tapes Vol. 2 later this week.

Check out the full A$AP Ferg interview below. He addresses the A$AP Bari situation around the 7 minute mark.