Kodak Black Opens His New Miami Boutique

Kodak Black hosted a grand opening of his new boutique.

BYCaroline Fisher
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Rapper Kodak Black recently opened a new boutique in his home city of Miami. He hosted the grand opening event yesterday alongside Supa Cindy. The event featured a ribbon-cutting ceremony, and Kodak Black did the honors. The event also featured a live DJ set from Showtime, and attendees were able to meet and take photos with Kodak Black. Guests at the event were treated to various smoking accessories and CBD products, including rolling papers, pipes, vaporizers and more. They were also provided with exclusive Sniper Gang merch. Attendees were also given a walkthrough of the new store.

Kodak Black just dropped his newest LP, Pistolz & Pearlz. It's the rapper's sixth full-length album, following 2022's Kutthroat Bill: Vol. 1. He unveiled the album Friday, after confirming it's release date earlier this month. The artist also released a short film alongside the album, titled The Don. He shared the film's trailer with his Instagram followers last week.

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Kodak Black Cuts The Ribbon

Last month, Kodak Black shared his desire to become more well-known as a philanthropist with his Instagram Live viewers. “People care to be a gangsta,” he said. “They care for n***as looking at them like they some type of gangsta. I don’t give a f**k about that s**t you heard me? I don’t live for that. I’m a philanthropist, a good n***a, righteous, all that. I only worry about being a good son and making sure my mom is proud of me. Making sure my family proud of me.”

Kodak Black also shared an Instagram rant in April, about how he thinks Donald Trump's haters are "on some other s**t." He explained his thoughts, saying, "They are trying to get Trump out the way cause Trump a stand-up n***a. [Joe] Biden will let a n***a do anything. Trump is a real n***a. He’s a soldier. It ain’t how he snapped for a n***a. It ain’t even about that. Trump already had big baggage. Luggage. Y’all get off Trump, man.”

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