Cardi B Collab With Shakira Rumored To Be Released This Summer

Cardi B might be the latest to feature on a song with the Colombian hitmaker.

BYNoah Grant

Cardi B, the outspoken rapper from New York, has always maintained a reputation for her unfiltered and uncensored nature. This is exactly the behavior that has endeared her to her fans. Sadly, it appears that Twitter is not as receptive to her often explicit content. Twitter allegedly subjected her account to a "shadow ban" after she responded in a provocative manner to a video of Janelle Monáe. The video, which featured Monáe exposing her bare breasts during a performance, garnered significant attention and went viral.

Upon seeing the footage, Cardi B seized the opportunity to openly express her attraction to Monáe, much like many of her fans have done. She shared an image featuring reality star and OnlyFans content creator Natalie Nunn engaging in intimate activity with another woman. Although she used it only to convey her feelings, the platform did not appreciate it and swiftly removed the message. In the days that followed, Cardi B noticed a considerable decline in her Twitter engagement. As such, she publicly reached out to CEO Elon Musk, appealing for assistance.

Cardi + Shakira = Song Of The Summer?

Twitter shadow ban aside, Cardi B seems like she might be gearing up to take over the airwaves this summer. According to a post on Twitter from "Pop Tingz," the Bronx native may be teaming up with Colombian hitmaker Shakira for a new track. A subsequent tweet revealed that the song's name was "Estoy Lamida." While the Twitter account did not post a source, it turns out that the news comes directly from BMI. There, the song was registered to both artists. So, regardless of whether or not it does end up coming out this summer, we know that it actually exists.

Cardi also recently won a big defamation lawsuit against YouTuber Tasha K. The YouTuber was ordered to pay Cardi B upwards of $4 million. After the ruling, Tasha K. posted an update, which read “PSA Winos I just paid off my 4 million dollar debt in cash.” Cardi was quick to respond, saying that she would check her Apple Pay for the payment. If the collaboration between Cardi and Shakira really is released soon, she'll likely be adding quite a bit more to her bank account. What do you think of the news? Let us know in the comments!


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