Rich The Kid And Tori Brixx Dance Together Following Cheating Scandal

Rich The Kid and Tori Brixx appear to have moved on from their recent cheating scandal.

BYCaroline Fisher
Rich The Kid And Tori Brixx Dance Together Following Cheating Scandal

Tori Brixx and Rich The Kid appear to be on good terms, following allegations that the rapper strayed from the relationship and got another woman pregnant. A woman came forward in April, claiming she was pregnant with the rapper's child and had agreed to a $35k "hush" payment to keep the information from Brixx. She allegedly later sued the rapper for not fulfilling the entire payment. The couple were spotted out recently, however, in good spirits and dancing together.

The clip shared on social media sparked some negative reactions in the comments section. One user wrote, "Yall make it way too easy for these men to come back smh." "Ladies, we need a self-esteem class!!!!," said another commenter.

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Rich The Kid Is On Good Terms With Tori Brixx

Rich The Kid's apology to Brixx included various photos of the couple on Instagram. He captioned the post, ”I’d like to make a public apology to my best friend, my lover and fiancée, for any disrespect, disloyalty or allegations of anything.” Adding, “I’m a grown man I’ve done wrong and I’m owning up and asking for forgiveness from a beautiful strong woman that has taken care of not only me but our family for years… I’m not like these other… I know I’ve been wrong and will fix it love you @toribrixx and I am so sorry.”

The rapper was also exposed by a videographer earlier this month, who claims that the artist owes him over $8,000 for his work on a music video shoot. The unpaid videographer took to social media, sharing screenshots of DMs between him and Rich The Kid, along with the invoice. Rich The Kid also called out Billboard earlier this month, after they reinstated their rule that merch bundles, also know as "fan packs," contribute to a release’s chart placement. He spoke to TMZ about the rule, saying "That’s fire." He went on to say, "Because them floppin’ a** artists can get- you know what I’m saying- yeah, that’s some bulls**t. But you know what? My new album’s coming out this summer, and I ain’t sellin’ no Crocs with ’em!” 

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