Cordae Inches Closer To EGOT Status, Shares Letter From The Obamas

The rapper heard from the Obamas after his Emmy win.

BYCaroline Fisher
Cordae Inches Closer To EGOT Status, Shares Letter From The Obamas

Raleigh, NC rapper Cordae shared a post on Instagram recently about inching closer to the EGOT club after his recent Emmy win. The post includes a photo of the rapper holding up a letter from the Obamas congratulating him on his win. He won his first Emmy in 2022 for Outstanding Short Form Program at the Children & Family Emmy Awards show. The post is captioned, "I thank God I won my first Emmy!" Cordae went on to write, "EGOT is on the way." "S/O to the Obamas for the oop," he added. It also features a close-up of the letter from the Obamas, dated January 11, 2023.

In the letter, the Obamas write "We are so proud to have worked with you on We The People." It goes on to call the Emmy a "wonderful recognition of [his] hard work." It cites the more important recognitions as "the young people who are a little smarter and a little more civically minded as a result" of his work. The Obamas thanked Cordae for his work on the show, saying "it means a lot to [them]." They go on to say they "hope [they] can continue to find ways to work together, [...] whether it's at Higher Ground, the Obama Foundation, or in [Cordae's] endeavors."

The Obamas Thank Cordae

Barack and Michelle Obama were both producers of We the People. On Uninterrupted’s “The Shop," Cordae revealed how selective he can be when deciding what to record. He shared that he turns down "95% of everything." The rapper said he was originally asked to record Maroon 5's hit song, "Memories." Cordae said he thought about it, wondering if it was too early in his career to make the move. He said he doesn't regret the decision, because he "can’t ever lose that foundation because then [he'll] lose the people.”

In March, Cordae's collaboration with the shoe brand Puma was revealed. They released three unique pairs of shoes designed in part by Cordae. Later that month, Cordae's girlfriend, tennis star, Naomi Osaka, shared photos of her baby bump. Having announced the pregnancy in January, the couple is expecting the birth of their first child together soon.


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