Jay-Z's Alleged Son Shares New Details About Rapper's Relationship With His Late Mother

30-year-old Rymir Satterthwaite has been trying to obtain a paternity test from Hov for the last decade.

BYHayley Hynes
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Earlier this week, it was reported that 30-year-old Rymir Satterthwaite is furthering his fight to obtain a paternity test from Jay-Z. The man, who claims to be the illegitimate son of the rapper, has been on this quest for a decade now, but Shawn Carter has managed to evade complying with the request. While Rymir's mother, Wanda, unfortunately, passed away due to medical complications in 2019, he's been able to unseal a signed affidavit from her and share it with DailyMail, telling the late woman's story on her behalf.

The document in question dates back to February 2015 and contains claims from Wanda that she met Jay-Z as a teenager in New York. She was underage at the time, and he was 22. They spent a night together at his aunt's apartment in Brooklyn, according to Mrs. Satterthwaite. At the time they did use protection, but it ultimately "broke," resulting in a pregnancy. Though Rymir's mother insisted on the 4:44 artist's paternity until her dying day, attorneys for Carter have been denying all claims made by the family for the entire duration of their legal battle.

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Rymir Satterthwaite Unveils His Mother's Signed Affidavit Detailing Jay-Z Relationship

"I met Shawn Corey Carter in fall 1992. He identified himself as 'Rock,' through my friend Kaleesha Allen who is an eye witness," Wanda wrote in her affidavit. "Mr. Carter and a friend came to Philadelphia to pick up both me and Kaleesha around the area of 24th and Bolton Street," she added, noting that the father of three may not recognize her legal name, as she went by Carmel, or Precious at the time. "After talking, drinking, and dancing, my girlfriend went off to the room with Shawn's friend, and I went with [him]," Mrs. Satterthwaite further recalled.

The documents provided by Rymir also contain details from Wanda about what Jay-Z was wearing during their meeting. Hov apparently took a trip back to Philly with his friend a few weeks later to see the girls but only found Satterthwaite, who refused to leave with the New Yorker at the time as she didn't want to upset her mother. "I never saw him again until a year later on television, but still had no idea of his real name until later and did not know how to reach him."

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