King Von's Friend Recalls How Lil Durk Wouldn't Give Von $50 To Buy Him Clothes

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King Von Friend Lil Durk Wouldnt Give Him Money Buy Clothes
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If Smurk doesn't know you, it seems like he's not wasting a cent on you.

The legacy of King Von lives on today and will continue to do so, whether through his musical impact or the testimonies of those closest to him. While that legacy is subject to slander and narratives that displease his loved ones, they are there to defend the late rapper and set stories straight. However, this case is more of a curious story than anything else. Moreover, his friend J Hood recently reflected on some good times with the Chicago MC, particularly when he wanted $50 to buy Hood some clothes. When Von asked close friend Lil Durk, Hood claimed that Durk wouldn't give a stranger some of his bag.

"I ain't got no tight money, n***a, my money tight," Hood remarked about his experience with Smurk and King Von. "You feel me? So Durk walk in, the man got a rack. I'm talking about crazy money. And Von like, 'Aye bro, let me get fifty dollars. I'm 'bout to go take Hood to the mall to get folk some new clothes and whatnot.' That n***a whispered- on my life. Real truth. And so, he straight whispered to him, 'I don't know that n***a.' Fifty dollars! That Von said he was gon' give him back. Not that he was just- n***a, he had a rack, do you hear what I'm saying? He rich, millionaire. Millionaire!"

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Lil Durk Allegedly Refused To Give King Von $50 To Buy His Friend Some Clothes

Whether you agree with The Voice's reasoning or not, this was apparently when Von himself was just starting up as an artist. As such, it's understandable that he would be asking for favors in these cases while displaying the character necessary to keep his word. In addition, it's even commendable that the "Don't Play That" rapper would want to treat his friend to some fresh drip. Not everyone has that sense when they feel fame approaching.

Regardless, he went on to develop an illustrious and beloved career that saw a tragic end. In the years since, many dedicated their tales to how he was before the fame and gave more illuminating portraits of his perspective and life. Considering that situation, Durk was surely proud of him for reaching the point to where, if he wanted to buy a friend some clothes, he had the resources to do so on his own. For more updates and the latest news on King Von and his legacy, come back to HNHH.

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