Over the course of the past couple weeks, 808 Mafia founders Southside and Lex Luger have been trading jabs in regard to a potential beat battle. Luger submitted the initial $50,000 wager, than Southside laughed that he wouldn’t do it for less than $100,000, implying that Luger is a broke boy. Luger then issued the rejoinder that he “made” Southside and cancelled the beat battle negotiations. Now, he and Swizz Beatz have both confirmed that the beat battle is back on and “coming soon.

Swizz Beatz posted to his Instagram a flyer that touted the battle, with Funxmaster Flex vs DJ Clue as the undercard. Luger corroborated the news on his own Instagram.

Read Lex Luger’s Behind the Beat profile here. Read Southside’s Behind the Beat profile here.


Southside vs. Lex Luger

Lex Luger Confirms Beat Battle Against Southside "Coming Soon"