KRS-One Launches New Series For Hip-Hop's 50th Anniversary

KRS-One is bringing Hip Hop back to the Bronx.

BYJames Jones
TrillerVerz Featuring Super Cat, KRS 1 & Big Daddy Kane

KRS-One, is paying it forward to Hip Hop by launching an in-person event series and website for its 50th anniversary. The website will host a Hip Hop masterclass and pop-up exhibits at the Community Center, the birthplace of Hip Hop, August 11th. The location 1520 Sedgewick Ave was home to DJ Kool Herc's Back To School Jam in August 1973. The party played a critical role as the origin story for the birth of Hip Hop. In a statement, KRS said the 50th anniversary is a global movement that celebrates the grit, voice, and power that brought culture to life.

Secondly, the rap legend will launch a logo competition on April 28th. Inviting creatives, designers, and graffiti artists to create the official logo of Hip Hop's 50th Anniversary. KRS-One's will serve as a community-based initiative. It'll showcase Hip Hop's origins and inspire future generations to continue to grow the genre and push the culture forward. Furthermore, the Hip Hop masterclass and pop-up exhibits will help educate everyone on the culture's roots and how it became a global movement. Not only that, but the visual arts competition will also inspire creatives to showcase their best representation of Hip Hop in the official logo of the 50th anniversary.

KRS-One Gives Back To Hip Hop

KRS 1, Fat Joe and Big Daddy Kane attend TrillerVerz Featuring KRS 1 vs Big Daddy Kane at Barclays Center on October 17, 2021 in New York City. (Photo by Shareif Ziyadat/Getty Images)

While KRS has been giving back to Hip Hop, Hip Hop has also given back to KRS-One. Early this year the Hip Hop forefather received his own mural in the neighborhood where he was once homeless. Moreover, the mural was painted by Italian artist Jorit at 2nd St. near 1st Ave. In honor of Hip Hop's 50th anniversary, the mural depicts the rapper's image and is a testament to his success and roots. KRS told Fox NY that despite all the success, nothing compares to being immortalized in a mural.

Overall, KRS-One's contributions to Hip Hop are nothing shy of major and significant. This initiative to celebrate Hip Hop turning 50 is a great opportunity for novices and enthusiasts to learn about the culture. Not only that creatives and artists alike will showcase their talent and celebrate Hip Hop's origins. Are you excited about this new initiative? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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