It looks like Rich The Kid turned up a little too hard while on an airplane to LAX Monday. According to TMZ, the ATL rapper, who just released his new mixtape The Rich Forever Way last week, was reportedly escorted off the plane by police.

Sources told TMZ that Rich The Kid started to play his music on his phone when the plane landed over the “speaker,” and not through headphones. The flight attendant reportedly asked the ATL rapper too turn it down because it was too loud, which he refused to do, resulting in an immediately call to the cops. The LAX officers came on board & simply escorted Rich The Kid off the plane, and reportedly gave him a lecture about respecting his fellow passengers. He was NOT arrested however. 

Rich The Kid believes he was the victim of a “rusty, dirty” flight attendant. Check out the clip he captured while on the jetway (below).


Rich The Kid

Rich The Kid Escorted Off Airplane Monday At LAX