Shanquella Robinson's Family Lawyer Says Group She Was With Were Not "Friends"

The attorney representing the family of Shanquella Robinson is maintaining that those she vacationed with were not her friends.

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As the death of Shanquella Robinson continues to garner worldwide attention, her family is still seeking answers. In October, the 25-year-old was found dead in a rental property just one day into a group trip to San José del Cabo. She traveled with Khalil Cooke, Malik St Patrick Dyer, Wenter Essence Donovan, Alysse Michelle Hyatt, Daejhanae Jackson, and Nazeer Wiggins. They claimed she died of alcohol poisoning after they summoned a doctor to the property. However, the doctor pleaded with the group to get Robinson to a hospital, which they refused. An autopsy proved Robinson sustained severe neck and spine trauma before her death. A troubling video surfaced of Robinson being violently beaten by Jackson as she was naked and unable to fight back. Now, her family attorney is maintaining that those she made the journey with were not her friends. 

Attorney Sue-Ann Robinson spoke with The Sun, where she shot down the mountain of "misinformation" surrounding Robinson's death. Sue-Ann says she only refers to her fellow travelers as "travel mates." She notes that the successful hair stylist and online boutique owner was only close with one of the people on the trip. The frustrated attorney has spent much of her time clearing up the confusion surrounding Robinson's relationship with those on the vacation. "It infers that Shanquella had some issue with her judgment," Sue-Ann explained. 

Shanquella Robinson Was A Successful Business Owner

The Mexican government has deemed Robinson's death a femicide. According to The Sun, this is the Mexican authorities' term used to describe the murder of a woman at the hands of another woman. The Mexican government has issued a warrant for one suspect named the "direct aggressor" in the video of Robinson. This person is assumed to be Jackson, though police haven't publicly identified her. Extradition has not occurred, and the family has called on President Joe Biden to intervene. 

As of now, each of the people who were present when Robinson died has remained free. They have not faced repercussions of any kind. Each has remained tight-lipped about the events of that dreadful vacation, aside from claiming the young woman died of too much alcohol consumption. After the medical examiner revealed the autopsy findings, Robinson's family says the group stopped speaking to them. We can only hope they find answers soon. 


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