Shaq Responds To Uninformed Keith Olbermann Tweet

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Shaq's 51st Birthday Celebration
ATLANTA, GA - MARCH 10: Shaquille O'Neal attends his 51st Birthday Celebration at The Bank on March 10, 2023 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Prince Williams/Wiriemage)

Shaq had a perfect response for Keith Olbermann's out of touch tweet.

Shaq was swift to respond to Keith Olbermann's uncalled-for tweet on Angel Reese's Final Four celebration. Olbermann took to Twitter to call out Reese for making the "You Can't See Me." celebration on Caitlin Clark. The former ESPN broadcaster went as far as to call Reese a "f- idiot." Many among the Twitter world were quick to defend Reese. From LeBron James to even Samuel L. Jackson. Although there were some great responses, Shaq takes the crown for the best response.

Shaq's response was short, sweet, and to the point. "shut your dumb ass up leave angel reese alone," the legendary big man stated in a response to Olbermann. Olbermann has since backpedaled on his stance with Reece's celebration. He mentioned he was uninformed on the matter. The veteran broadcaster said, “I don’t follow hoops, college or pro, men or women. I had no idea about Clark. Both were wrong.” This begs the question, why even speak on the matter in the first place?

Shaq, Among Others, Giving Angel Reese Her Roses

It's unfortunate that this is even a story. Sunday afternoon, the LSU Tigers Women's Basketball team proved they were the cream of the crop. The Tigers annihilated a hot Iowa Hawkeyes team to earn the title of champion. The story that needs to be told is that Angel Reese won the 2023 Final Four MVP. She talked her talk and then backed it up. Clark, who has been known for her trash talk, was receiving what she normally dishes out. If anything, the celebration by Reese was an emotional reaction to defeating such an amazing team in Iowa.

The Women's Final Four was a perfect representation of Women's sports. The product had more eyes watching this weekend than maybe in its history. Women's sports are on the rise in the United States. It should be no surprise, considering the product that was on the floor over the past few weeks. While tonight will close out the Men's post-season tournament, the Women are still in the spotlight. An incredible testament to the young women who shared the floor this weekend. For the latest news in the sports world, stay here with us at HNHH.


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