Future’s self-titled album arrived last Friday, and at 17 tracks deep, it provided a comprehensive soundtrack for the weekend. Anyone who’s been following Future’s work since his celebrated mixtape run (beginning in 2014 with Monster) should be familiar with the subject matter of the new project, which once again gives us a bleak look at Future’s rock star lifestyle, including tales of drugs, women, and his gritty street beginnings. His ascendance to one of of rap’s most popular and important voices has also afforded him many luxuries, which he’s not shy of speaking about either. Becoming something of a style icon over the last few years, Future now takes it upon himself to school listeners on the difference between Gucci and Emilio Pucci, as well as name-dropping a great many other brands from cars to clothes to jewelry.

Click through the galleries to see the many brand references Future makes across the project. 


Poppin' Tags: Brands Referenced On Future's Self-Titled Album

Clothing and Shoes

Emilio Pucci / Pucci is different from Gucci” – Good Dope

Giorgio Armani, I’m drippin’ in it” – POA

“Sometimes I go to Chanel / And I sit in the bitch.. like it’s a trap” – POA

“Playing with the trenches in a suit / Armani got me with the juice” – I’m So Groovy

Goyard on, pick out what you want / Hermès on, pick out what you want / New Chanel, oh, pick out what you want” – Poppin Tags

“Dope boys shoppin’ at Walter’s, I bought the whole store” – Poppin’ Tags

“I get Stella the McCartney” – Scrape


Poppin' Tags: Brands Referenced On Future's Self-Titled Album


“Bought a drop top Porsche, about to cut the top off” – Zoom

“I be whippin’ the Lamb like a Charger” – POA

“Now I sit in the back of a foreign / Soon as I took off the ‘Rari” – POA

“All my baby mamas, I just bought ‘em brand new Benzes” – POA

“Before the Maybach, I’d drive anything / Buy my Range, make ‘em go insane” – Mask Off

Porsche got a little bit of trunk / But it’s goin’ over 200″ – High Demand

“I just whipped up a Maserati truck” – Scrape

“I just bent the Bentley, mmhmm” – I’m So Groovy

Captain seats in my Maybach, in my Range RoverFlip

I just copped the coupe, 63’s with the Forgis” – Poppin Tags

“Bought a couple ‘Raris and I bought a couple Porsches” – Poppin Tags

“Pull up in the hood in a new Wraith” – Poppin Tags

“Bought the Lamb’ for the energy” – Massage In My Room

“Hop out a Corvette, n—a, then gon’ smash your bitch” – Poppin Tags

911 Turbo Porsche cause I’m a super trapper” – Super Trapper

“The top come out the Lamb’ cause I’m a super trapper” – Super Trapper

“Two-door Maybach on the schedule that’s the latest / Hard top ‘Rari, Double R, hey, that’s Mercedes” – Super Trapper

Lamborghini, I say Lamb when I pronounce it / The doors go lift up in the air and they so spacious – Super Trapper

Then I change up your location / Then I pull up in that Wraith” – When I Was Broke

“Gotta bring out the tub of Ace / I was never in love with the Wraith” – Flip

“I’m ’bout to push me a Wraith, you won’t catch me in the gym” – POA

Panamera to the Lear” – Zoom


Poppin' Tags: Brands Referenced On Future's Self-Titled Album

Jewelry, Accessories, Etc.

“I get glorified, that Richard Mille cost 250″ – Rent Money

Tiffany’s, Tiffany’s, we goin’ shoppin’ at Tiffany’s” – Rent Money

“I buy them Birkins for you” – Zoom

“Bought a Fendi couch for my kids” – Draco

“Bought my bitch a brand new Rollie and she still ain’t happy” – Super Trapper

“Got that Cartier with diamonds and I’m laughing at ya” – Super Trapper

Sky Dweller, it was sentimental / Rose gold, it was sentimental” – Draco

Rolex store’s my bando” – POA

“Turbo switchin’ lanes, Hublot switch your watch” – Zoom

“Like I’m Godzilla in the Rollie store” – Poppin Tags