Finesse2Tymes Opens Up About His Relationship With Three Women

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK - MARCH 06: Finesse2tymes attends the Finesse2tymes Mixer on March 06, 2023 in New York City. (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)
Contrary to popular belief, the rapper isn't finessing anyone.

Finesse2Tymes has recently attended the Lip Service podcast. The podcast is well known for discussing sex and relationships with its guests. In a recent episode, Finesse2Tymes came out to say that he is currently in a relationship with three different women. To many people's surprise, his girlfriends are supposedly cool with the entire situation. However, when the rapper explains that he is polyamorous, his predicament makes a lot more sense.

Polyamory is a very controversial topic. Because monogamous relationships are the socially acceptable norm, the idea of open relationships can cause a lot of debate. Polyamory is the type of relationship where more than two people are involved, with everyone consenting to the situation. Polyamorous relationships can take many different forms and vary in the number of genders of partners involved. Essentially, everyone is in the know about who is sleeping with who. During the Lip Service interview, Finesse2Tymes speaks candidly about how his relationships came to be.

Finesse2Tymes Has Three Times The Love Life

After being asked what his current situation is, Finesse states, "I gotta have more than one woman." But according to the rapper, they all know about each other. When asked how he brought up the idea to the women, he states, "I know that one of 'em, or two of 'em, they get along. I kinda just threw it at them. Like this is what it is." Finesse2Tymes goes on to say that at first, it was kind of odd for the women. But he claims that he is a gentleman by nature, causing the situation to be easy for him.

The rapper was asked if he had a favorite, and he reluctantly admitted that there was one girl that he favored. The woman reportedly was the one to make him feel that it was acceptable for him to want this kind of relationship. He goes on to explain that he feels these women should only be with him. However, he also explains that he will only be with these three women in return. From his response, it's clear that Finesse2Tymes views his current situation as a healthy relationship with clear boundaries in place. Stay tuned to see if any more women get added to the mix.

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