The 10 Funniest Martin Lawrence Movies 

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"Bad Boys For Life" Madrid Photocall
Us actor Martin Lawrence attends 'Bad Boys For Life' photocall. (Photo by Pablo Cuadra/WireImage)
Martin Lawrence's funniest movies, showcasing his ability to mix physical comedy, rapid-fire dialogue, and off-the-wall antics are highlighted in this list.

Comedian, actor, writer, and producer Martin Lawrence has entertained audiences for decades with his quick humor and larger-than-life personality.
Over the years, Lawrence has become known for bringing a comedic edge to various roles, from the over-the-top FBI agent in the Bad Boys franchise to the lovable Big Momma in Big Momma's House.

His performances often feature his infectious energy, impeccable timing, and ability to take risks and push boundaries. With more movies on the horizon, like Bad Boys 4 and Back to Africa, we look back at some of Lawrence's funniest movies.

#10 National Security (2003)

National Security is a film about two security guards, Earl Montgomery, portrayed by Lawrence, and Hank Rafferty, played by Steve Zahn. After being falsely accused of a crime, the duo teams up to clear their names. Lawrence's role as Earl Montgomery is the comic center of the film.

Additionally, he brings his trademark blend of physical comedy, fast-talking one-liners, and exaggerated facial expressions. Therefore this combination makes Earl a larger-than-life character who is equal parts hilarious and unpredictable. The movie showcases Lawrence's ability to mix physical comedy with rapid-fire dialogue and off-the-wall antics.

#9 Blue Streak (1999)

A jewel thief named Miles Logan, played by Lawrence, poses as a police officer to retrieve a diamond he hid inside a police station in the movie Blue Streak. Lawrence's comedic talent shines in this film.

He effortlessly portrays a smooth-talking con artist who is constantly improvising. Lawrence's delivery in this movie is impeccable. It demonstrates his ability to turn a mundane scenario into a laugh-out-loud moment.

#8 Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins (2008)

Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins is a film about a successful talk show host named Roscoe Jenkins, who Lawrence portrays. Roscoe returns to his hometown in Georgia for his parents' 50th wedding anniversary. While there, he must confront the past that he left behind.

Throughout the film, Lawrence's comedic presence adds an element of lightheartedness to the more serious themes of family, identity, and personal growth. His capacity to blend humor with the more serious aspects of the story underscores his outstanding acting ability.

Lawrence's physical comedy in the movie is fantastic. Still, his attention to the underlining themes of childhood issues makes the scene relatable and heartwarming as well.

#7 Big Momma's House (2000)

An FBI agent named Malcolm Turner, played by Lawrence, goes undercover as an older woman named Big Momma in the 2000 comedy Big Momma's House. Along the way, Malcolm must navigate the challenges of interacting with the suspect's family.

Lawerence's physical comedy and ability to seamlessly switch between his tough-guy persona and his feminine alter ego is masterfully demonstrated. Lawrence's physical comedy throughout the movie is excellent. He embraces his role and allows his performance to radiate.

#6 Bad Boys II (2003)

Bad Boys II is the sequel to Bad Boys and is about two Miami detectives, Mike Lowrey, portrayed by Will Smith, and Marcus Burnett, played by Martin Lawrence. This film features the two investigating a drug trafficking ring flooding the city with ecstasy pills.

Lawrence plays the role of Marcus Burnett skillfully as a relatable character. His ability to balance humor with dramatic tension is a highlight of the movie.

#5 Wild Hogs (2007)

Four middle-aged suburban men, played by Tim Allen, John Travolta, William H. Macy, and Lawrence, decide to go on a motorcycle road trip to escape their mundane lives in the movie Wild Hogs. Of course, they meet a real biker gang which leads to a series of comedic misadventures.

Lawrence plays Bobby Davis, a dentist trying to rediscover his sense of adventure and masculinity by joining the motorcycle gang. Lawrence's portrayal of Bobby showcases his impeccable comedic timing and his ability to play the straight man in a cast of larger-than-life characters.

#4 Life (1999)

Life, released in 1999, tells the story of two men, Ray Gibson, played by Eddie Murphy, and Claude Banks, portrayed by Lawrence, who were wrongfully convicted of murder. Consequently, their sentence is life in prison.

Lawrence's role of Claude Banks, an introverted man often bullied by other inmates, permits him to show off his comedic timing and his ability to strike an extraordinary balance with more serious themes such as survival and justice.

His performance as Claude is sympathetic and funny, and his chemistry with Eddie Murphy is a film highlight. Despite the serious subject matter, Life finds humor and heart in even the darkest situations.

#3 Nothing to Lose (1997)

Nothing to Lose tells the story of Nick Beam, portrayed by Tim Robbins, who is having a terrible day. Out of desperation, he decides to rob a convenience store, but a man named T. Paul, played by Lawrence, carjacks him.

Lawrence's performance as a fast-talking and street-smart criminal is depicted fabulously by his high energy and quick wit. Lawrence's magnified physical comedy and snappy one-liners are hysterical, especially as he plays up T. Paul's over-the-top antics in this film.

#2 House Party (1990)

The 1990 film House Party stars Kid played by Christopher Reid, who throws a wild house party while his parents are away. However, things quickly spiral out of control when rival gangs and an angry neighbor get involved.

In House Party, Martin Lawrence plays Bilal, Kid's best friend, constantly getting into trouble and trying to pick up girls. Lawrence's performance brings laughter to even the most mundane situations with quick wit.

Lawrence's unmatched comedic timing and delivery dazzle this movie and are particularly spot-on.

#1 Bad Boys (1995)

The first movie in the franchise, Bad Boys, is about two Miami detectives, Mike Lowrey (Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Lawrence). This movie features the duo tasked with finding a group of stolen heroin worth millions of dollars.

Lawrence's character provides much of the humor in the film as he reacts to the dangerous situations he finds himself in with a mixture of fear and comedic commentary. His chemistry with Smith also is impressive, as the two effortlessly play off of each other.

Bad Boys owes much of its success to the comedic talents of Martin Lawrence. His performance adds levity and humor to the film while keeping the tension and excitement of the action-packed plot.


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