Zonnique Pullins Recalls Being Hurt By Tiny Harris' Absence During Childhood

Zonnique Pullins recently opened up about Tiny and T.I.'s relationship.

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In a recent interview with Mr. Jay Hill, Zonnique Pullins revealed that she was hurt by her mother Tiny Harris' relationship with her stepfather T.I. during childhood, as she was with him all the time. While much of the interview was censored, the OMG girl made her feelings about the way her mother acted in her childhood explicitly clear. She also stated that, even if the issue still bothers her, she is grown and not in a position to care anymore because she’s an adult.

The OMG girl said, “I would say what hurt me is honestly my mom being with TIP all the time. Like even now, today, that’s how it is. They’re just tied to the hip,” she said. “It’s like they’d rather go places with each other, so any time, she gotta go, he gotta go.” In response to being asked about painful moments in her life, Zonnique also said that she realized that she was emotionally numb from teaching herself not to be hurt by things.

Zonnique Says That Her Mom Is Her Best Friend

Despite wishing that she had more mother-daughter moments, Zonnique holds no resentment toward her mother. In fact, she has stated multiple times that her mother is her best friend. “I don’t hold that against her that she was on the road and doing all those things. I guess I would have liked to have those mommy-daughter moments, but honestly, now that I’m a mom, I guess that’s what I would have wanted with my daughter,”  she said on the Mr. Jay Hill Podcast.

The “Baddie” singer had this to say about her relationship with her parents in a 2018 Slate interview. “My mom has always been my best friend and my mother all at the same time. With my stepdad, I’ve obviously been around him my whole life, pretty much since I was 5. But I think now that I’m older and we can have those talks. We’re just really comfortable now that I’m grown. I just love my relationship with my parents, period.” What are your opinions on Tiny’s and Zonniqie’s relationship? Tell us in the comments below.


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