Lil Durk & India Royale: Relatonship Timeline

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BET Awards 2021 - Arrivals
Recording Artist Lil Durk (r) and India Royale (l) attend the 2021 BET Awards. (Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images)
India Royale and Lil Durk captured everyone's heart, especially on social media. It seemed like it was all good, until it just wasn't.

Before their split, Lil Durk and India Royale were “couple goals”. In an interview, India admitted that the two dated on Facetime six months before they actually met!  She added that she immediately fell in love when meeting him.   They flaunted their love all over social media and looked like they were going to actually get married.  Years before he proposed, Durk told DJ Diamond Cutz that he already knew he wanted to marry India.  Unfortunately, they never jumped the broom, as many people believe the Chicago rapper cheated.  

At one point, they were the hottest couple.  Since 2017, they have been linked together.  Here’s what we know about their five year relationship.  

Lil Durk & India: The Beginning

December 2017:

Lil Durk puts India in his music video for a song dedicated to her titled, “India”.  The song is on his mixtape, Signed to the Streets 2.5, to which he dropped at the end of 2017.  In the video, you can see how he feels about his newfound love.

May 2018:

The Chicago rapper is expecting his first child with India as the couple announced she was pregnant on social media.  The caption read: “Another blessing @indiaroyale i love you so much you the best and we gon prove the world wrong….p.s. I want a boy.”

September 2018:

Durk posted photos of the two of them on social media.  Under the Instagram post, the “Broadway Girls” rapper writes, “Save the bullshit we ain’t never breaking up!!! ReaL goals YouTube: INDIA ROYALE”.

At this time, fans were wondering if this was real.  Some speculated that this was a publicity stunt as India was trying to get more attention to her new YouTube page.  In another post about his girl, Durk wrote, “I’ll kill for her I kill bout her I ain’t scared to say it I’ll die bout her India Royale.”

India Welcomes A Daughter

November 2018:

After welcoming their daughter last month, India gets another song in her honor in a follow up to, “India”.  Durk makes “India II” the first single off his new project, Signed to the Streets 3.  Just like in “India”, Durk makes it known he can’t get enough of his girl in part two.

January 2020:

Durk and India unfollow each other on social media.  On his Instagram stories, the OTF rapper made subliminal posts hinting that India possibly cheated on him.  Shortly, thereafter they made up and re-followed each other on Instagram.

October 2020:

After rapper Saweetie went on Instagram Live to let women know if their man isn’t buying a Birkin bag, then get rid of him.  Lil Durk responded by saying he buys India property because she doesn’t want a Birkin bag.  He posted a photo of himself on Instagram with the caption, “I just got her property she ain’t want a birkin.”

February 2021:

Durk is confused why people want him and India to break up . He tweeted, “Yall want us to break up so bad lol”.

Durk Goes Hard for His Girl

March 2021:

Lil Durk keeps his romance going with his lady as he celebrates her birthday.  He showed off the custom jewelry he purchased for her on Instagram.  India received a custom emerald necklace with an iced out heart pendant of their two children.  On the back of the chain, there was a photo of India and Durk kissing.

Fans tried to come at the Bloodas rapper on Twitter after he tweeted, “Who need kids when you got 7 kids”.  This prompted fans to bring up the rapper’s other kids and previous women he has kids with.  India wasted no time in defending her man as she responded to a fan who say she has “baby mama syndrome”.  She tweeted, “Y’all are so obsessed with us” and later added, “It be the men hating.  They be wanting to f*** the rappers.  No cap, when I go to concerts n***** be about to beat the b****** a** tryna get next to the rappers.”

India continued to chat with fans as one user even tried to say Durk had a baby on her with another woman and doesn’t even take care of that child, either.  India called cap on that too.

May 2021:

Fans thought India might have cheated on Durk after he posted a few tweets.  He wrote on Twitter: “The streets got her chino it’s over dog”, “Never Cared” and “Chase who yea ok”.  Many assumed he was talking about India, and some even thought they broke up.  But, Durk hopped on Twitter to end the speculation letting people know his girl is not like any other woman.

Durk Loves Him Some India

July 2021:

Lil Durk and India were subject to a home invasion, where gunfire was exchanged on both sides.  Early Sunday morning, intruders broke into the Chicago rapper’s Atlanta home, to which no one was harmed, injured, or arrested.  It is unknown as to how many intruders were there.

September 2021:

Fans applauded Durk for mentioning his girl’s business on Drake’s hit single, “Laugh Now, Cry Later”.  In the middle of his verse, he raps, “India Royale cosmetic, I’m just promoting my b****/Drake song do a billion streams for sure, I’m just promoting her shit”.

There’s no question Durk brought more attention to India’s cosmetic line after that bar.

October 2021:

Lil Durk went on IG Live with Nicki Minaj for a Q&A.  The “Moment for Life” rapper asked Durk which one of India’s products should she buy and also talked about what he likes the most about her.  He told Nicki, India has respect for herself.

”Outside of looks, she respects herself.  She respects herself as a woman.”

The couple faced more breakup rumors weeks after this as Durk had cleared his Instagram account.  They both then went on Instagram Live to clear things up and Durk posted photos after with the caption, “Y’all Know This Shit 4eva.”

They Couple Got Engaged

December 2021:

While Durk was the headliner for the WGCI Big Jam in Chicago, he brought India on stage.  With thousands watching, the Chicago rapper popped the question to his girlfriend.  What better way to do it than in his hometown!  Of course, she said yes and the United Center erupted in applause.

February 2022:

India was spoiled by her man a few days before Valentine’s Day.  Durk filled a place with rose petals, candles, and balloons.  They both took to social media to share their special night.

March 2022:

The Voice of the Streets sat down with Gillie and Wallo of the Million Dollaz Worth of Game Podcast where he revealed why he proposed to India.  He told the hosts that it was her low amount of sexual partners that led him to get on one knee.

”But, it’s like, everything about [India].  Being real, not cheating, she ain’t been passed around.  It was, like, her body count. That’s what really did it.”

The clip went viral all over social media, to which fans had mixed feelings about, mainly women.  There were women who felt India should have been offended about what her fiance said, but she didn’t seem to mind at all.  She went to Twitter to let people know that she does not care what people think about Durk.

April 2022:

Lil Durk shut down Neiman Marcus for India’s 27th birthday.  She shared the outing on Instagram and showed off the lavish gifts she received from her fiance.  India even shared the price tag as Durk spent over $100,000 on her special day.

Shocking Split

May 2022:

It looks like Durk is really in love with India as he appears to have a tattoo of her on his right calf.  Durk continues to display his love for his wife to be.  Fans questioned the ink though, feeling the tattoo artist could have done a better job.

September 2022:

Unfortunately, India declares that her and Durk have broken up.  She tweeted, “I’m a free agent”, indicating she is single.  They stopped following each other on social media as well.  It is unclear on why they have broken up, as many speculate there was cheating going on. 

October 2022:

India posts a tweet, “I’m done healing. Where the h*** at?”  Lil Durk responded “That [p****] mines 4ever.”

November 2022:

The ex-couple reunite together for their daughter’s 4th birthday.

February 2023:

It seems like Durk wants India back as he posted a tweet on Valentine’s Day directed towards her.  ”Happy Valentine’s Day to the woman that made me a man.  I love you @indiaroyale.”  India was not taking the bait and told him to “let it go”.

Let us know if you think Lil Durk and India Royale will get back together in the comments.

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