'Bel-Air' Gives Fans Plenty of "Fresh" Drama In Season Two

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The second season of Peacock's "Bel-Air" is bringing big drama to the "Fresh" reboot.

Since the hit series Bel-Air premiered on the popular streaming channel Peacock last year, we have gotten to know the cast of the hit reboot as the characters face big topics from mental health, class issues, racism, and even jealousy. The drama is getting even bigger as Bel-Air heads into its sophomore season. Now, however, we wonder...will this second season of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reboot series season 2 be as good as the first?

Bel-Air's Season Two Hits the Ground With Big Drama

Bel Air’s first season started with a “fresh” feel and a dose of lightheartedness that immediately pulled the fans in. However, the series has taken a more dramatic turn as season two gets underway. Season two premiered on February 23 and begins where the first left off with Will (Jabari Banks) moving out of the mansion after a series of betrayals come to light. As season one of the hit series wrapped up, Will uncovers secrets about his father Lou (Marlon Wayans) that were kept from him by members of his family including his Uncle Phil (Adrian Holmes) and his Aunt Viv (Cassandra Freeman).

Bel-Air's drama largely centers around Will's experiences moving into the mansion and coming head-to-head with a variety of challenges faced by the differing classes. However, there is plenty more drama to be found in all storylines as the series progresses into season two. Will's cousin Hilary continues her relationship with Jazz and the two decide to take their relationship to an “official” level. Elsewhere, Aunt Vivian struggles in her new fellowship role at Neeman's.

Will Faces An Unexpected Truth

The hit drama's second season hit the streaming airwaves with plenty of turmoil taking over the Banks clan. The premiere episode titled A Fresh Start begins with Jabari Banks’s Will crashing at Jazz’s (Jordan L. Jones) after the secrets about his father come to light. Will focused on finding his independence and achieving his basketball dreams. However, a heart-to-heart with his Uncle Phil - including a long-overdue apology - leads to Will's return to the mansion in season two's early episodes. Meanwhile, Will's relationship with Lisa (Simone Joy Jones) hits a cooling-off period.

Elsewhere, Carlton is still working on his anxiety issues especially as he sees himself put into a variety of high-anxiety scenarios. Carlton has found comfort in Bel-Air Academy’s Black Student Union. This is a new development after this group previously disliked Carlton for clashing over racial concerns while Carlton served as class president. 

Bel-Air Welcomes A Familiar "Fresh" Face

Carlton’s chances to make a difference in this group comes when a Bel-Air Academy teacher Mrs. Hughes - who is played by Fresh Prince of Bel-Air alum (Tatyana Ali) gets fired for providing off-curriculum literature and information delving into racism and sexuality and other controversial and tough but incredibly important issues. 

The Bel-Air Academy’s Black Student Union plans a walk-out protest against the firing. Carlton is behind this plan, originally. However, another instructor warns the student of the possible reproductions that could come from his involvement in the protests. Struggling with the anxiety that comes from these concerns Carlton opens up to Will about these concerns. However, Will’s focus keeps him from grasping the enormity of the situation. 

Mrs. Hughes Has An Undeniable Impact

Tatiyana Ali’s Mrs. Hughes is making a big impact on many students at the Bel-Air Academy. The impact is especially apparent to viewers as Ali's character inspires Akira Akbar's character, the youngest of the Banks children, Ashley. This, Fresh Prince fans know, is the very character Ali played in the original sitcom series. Mrs. Hughes knows there are repercussions for providing Ashley and other Bel-Air Academy students with materials outside the school’s curriculum. But the impact on the greater good is more important to the middle school teacher. 

Will's Big Basketball Dreams Continue In Bel-Air's Season Two

As the second episode of Bel-Air’s season two gets underway, the episode, titled Speaking Truth has Will displaying his spot-on talents on the basketball courts. Will remains laser-focused on a future in basketball - especially when it comes to scoring a division one basketball scholarship. This leads the talented player to forget that basketball is wholly a team sport. Ultimately creating some major issues between Will and the rest of the team.

Will’s ego gets the best of him as he belittles his fellow players, thinking he is the only one who should be making the biggest plays. Will ignores his coach and scores several three-pointers along with several dunks - all while forgetting about his teammates. Will’s arrogance may be a roadblock in his future with the game and chances for a division one college scholarship. 

Bel-Air's season two also sees Will hoping to catch the eye of a famed basketball scout, Doc (Brooklyn McLinn). Will is certain a relationship with this particular scout will take him to the right places in his basketball career. Will’s dream does finally come true as his talents seem to notice the basketballer. However, we soon learn that Doc’s decision isn’t based so much on Will’s abilities but rather on the Banks’ fortune.

Bel-Air Reimagines A Sitcom Classic

The last few years have been all about reboots, bringing new life to some of our favorite classics. And the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reboot series, Bel-Air has an extra exciting history giving us a dramatic reimagining of the original 1990s sitcom hit starring Will Smith. This new series is produced by Smith and inspired by a viral trailer clip by Morgan Cooper that reimagined the iconic 90s sitcom series with a raw and dramatic lens.

Sure, most reboots try hard to develop their voice. However, the Peacock hit Bel-Air did something different turning a sitcom format into a “fresh” drama series. Part of the best pieces of the series is the fact that the reboot series delves deeper into the issues. Issues that the black-led Fresh Prince cast could only touch upon while on the networks three decades ago. All of this was originally dreamed up by Morgan Cooper's enormously popular video bringing us the dramatic take on the popular classic sitcom series.

Cooper is part of Bel-Air's creative team along with Will Smith. He serves as director, co-writer, and executive producer on the popular Peacock series. T.J. Brady and Rasheed Newson serve as co-showrunners and executive producers of the series. New episodes premiere every Thursday through April 27 on Peacock.

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