Tom Brady and Drake just showed their support to Jon Jones ahead of his UFC 285 victory on Saturday (March 4) in differing ways. On one end, the 6 God made two massive bets on Jones, one to win by knockout and another to win by submission. As Jones won by the latter, the Canadian artist nabbed an estimated $1,700,000 in his total payout. Moreover, he shared the bets on Instagram ahead of his showdown against Ciryl Gane to claim the heavyweight title. Overall, it seems like the good luck paid off, with even Conor McGregor calling it a “nice bet.”

On the other hand, the NFL star proclaimed Jones was the best to ever do it in a video ahead of the match. “Hey Jon, I wanted to say welcome back to the main stage,” he expressed in a video shared by UFC. “It’s great to see the GOAT doing what he does best and doing what he’s meant to do. I thought seven titles was a lot, you doubled it man. I know tonight’s not gonna be easy with Ciryl Gane standing on the other side of that octagon, he’s a bad man. It’s gonna be an incredible fight.”

Drake Makes Big Bets

Furthermore, Jones made a stellar return to the octagon after three years off. Many consider him one of the greatest in mixed martial arts, and this face-off marks the fulfillment of a long process of seeking transition into the heavyweight class. Moreover, his last stoppage victory came against Alexander Gustafsson back in 2018 in a fourth-round knockout. Against Gane, he landed an early attack and performed a guillotine choke that made him submit.

Meanwhile, Drake’s bets could’ve actually resulted in some bad luck, instead. While the rapper’s a big better, he faced a lot of criticism for backing losers and giving the “Drake Curse,” most recently with Jake Paul. Drizzy bet on Paul to knock out Tommy Fury, which ultimately didn’t pan out. Still, at least he placed his winning bets on one of the MMA’s icons and not one of the more controversial recent figures in contact sports. Regardless, check out Brady’s message below and return to HNHH for the latest on Drake, Jon Jones, and Tom Brady.

Tom’s Message To Jon Jones

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