C Murder Reveals Hunger Strike, Asks Activists For Help With Appeal

Corey Miller has been incarcerated for 21 years and continues to fight for his freedom.

BYErika Marie
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C Murder

For over two decades, C Murder has been behind bars. The No Limit rapper was in his prime with his brother Master P when he was accused of murder. In 2002, a 16-year-old named Steven Thomas used a fake I.D. to attend a concert at Harvey nightclub. During the event, Thomas was attacked, shot, and killed. Six days later, C Murder, real name Corey Miller, was arrested and charged with the crime. He went to trial, and a jury ruled 10-2 guilty.

Throughout his incarceration, there have been calls for Miller's release. Advocates have petitioned investigators to reopen the case, especially after a key witness recanted their story. Monica has also stood by Miller's side, and it is rumored that the two former lovers have rekindled their romance. Just an hour ago, the rapper took to his Instagram page to plea for help as he continues to appeal the case.

Corey Miller's Impassioned Plea

"Jan. 17, 2023, marked 21 years I Corey Miller have been in the Louisiana Penal system," wrote C Murder in a caption. "I have been fighting for my health and freedom against this wrongful conviction and simultaneously fighting for my constitutional rights that were stripped away and violated by the penal system of Louisiana. An appeal was filed late December of 2022 and the DA & Judge of Louisiana has 30 days from Feb. 7, 2023 to answer." He then detailed his hunger strike that was recently launched.

"Because Conditions in the Elayn Hunt Correctional Center have not improved, I am engaging in a hunger strike that began on February 23rd of 2023," he said, "to bring awareness to me and all inmates' neglected and abused at the hands of the Louisiana penal system. It is imperative, NOW MORE THAN EVER, that a quick strategic move is made as my health has significantly declined due to the prison system’s inhumane conditions and I am not getting proper medical treatment. This has taking a major toll on me but I refuse to give up. Please Stand with me."

Calling On Attorneys, Lawmakers, & Activists

After penning his statement, C Murder also tagged several people and outlets. Attorney Ben Crump, who tackles police brutality and misconduct cases, was added, as was Kim Kardashian. Her work in helping with prisoner releases has been well-documented. Million Dollaz Worth of Game host Wallo works intimately in prison reform, and the Innocence Project has done stellar work in helping the wrongfully convicted taste freedom once again. Check out C Murder and who else he tagged above.


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