BabyTron Drops "Out On Bond" EP After Arrest

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"Out On Bond" comes just a few weeks after BabyTon's arrest for possession of a controlled substance.

With each new project, BabyTron ascends to new heights. The monotoned Detroit rapper has been excellent at capitalizing on an opportunity as of late, and always gives fans a reason to keep his name in their mouths. On Friday (Feb. 3), the 22-year-old released an EP out of nowhere titled Out On Bond. With a singular feature from frequent collaborator Certified Trapper, the EP contains five songs and spans 12 minutes. Additionally, the project comes in the same month fans found out about BabyTron's recent run-in with the law.

On Feb. 15, Twitter users learned about BabyTron's recent arrest for possession of a controlled substance. With very little context given for the Feb. 8 arrest, fans began to worry about Tron's status. However, Tron expressed confusion when fans commented "Free BabyTron" on his Instagram Live around the time the news broke. This could perhaps be a good sign regarding his criminal status. The same day, his mugshot from his arrest surfaced. Tron eventually used his own mugshot as the cover art for Out On Bond. He also jokingly added a fake mustache and Mario hat to the photo.

BabyTron's Releases Before "Out On Bond"

Before his arrest, BabyTron was coming off an excellent string of back-to-back full-length albums. In October, he dropped his 15-song album Bin Reaper 3: Old Testament. By titling it this, though, fans had to expect that he would follow the biblical layout and follow up with another testament. He did just that in early January, releasing Bin Reaper 3: New Testament. With 26 songs and features from Lil Yachty, Cordae, Rico Nasty, and more, BR3:NT may have been his most popular project to date.

With all this being said, the sole fact of Tron consistently putting out projects is not what excites fans the most. The releases from BabyTron as of late have also all been excellent by his standards. With continuously creative bars and pop culture references, it's hard to even imagine how Tron keeps a straight face when rapping. He has truly mastered his craft and each new song feels like a victory lap. But, before we look ahead to his next stunning full-length LP, stream his new EP, and let us know what you think in the comments below.


  1. Out On Bond
  2. A2Z
  3. Long Nights ft. Certified Trapper
  4. Ice Spice
  5. Overthinking

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