RZA Disagrees With Lil Duval About Afrobeats Being "The Death Of Hip Hop"

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Wu-Tang Clan Performs At Petco Park
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - OCTOBER 06: Rapper RZA of Wu-Tang Clan performs on stage on the final night of the "New York State of Mind Tour" at PETCO Park on October 06, 2022 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Daniel Knighton/Getty Images)
As far as RZA is concerned, Afrobeats is like Trap and G-Funk—genres emerging from Hip Hop's foundation.

Lil Duval's recent tweet about Afrobeats has grabbed RZA's attention. The genre has gained mainstream steam within the last few years, and it's only reaching new heights as award shows filter in unique categories. Artists like Burna Boy and Tems are amassing global success, but Duval says, "Afrobeats might be the death of hip hop as we know it." The tweet caused a firestorm of reactions, and TMZ wanted to know RZA's thoughts.

"I don't understand that. What you mean by that?" the Wu-Tang icon asked. After receiving clarification, he issued a more flushed-out response. “Afrobeats is Hip Hop. They basically doing their form of Hip Hop. Just like Trap was Hip Hop, just like G-Funk was Hip Hop. It’s just their rendition. And you know what? They deserve a chance, just like the rest of us deserve a chance, for our music to be heard around the world, inspire, and feed families.”

RZA Weighs In On Podcasting In Hip Hop

The cameraperson didn't want RZA to run off just yet. The photog also wanted to know his thoughts on Lil Duval saying that podcasting has become more important in Hip Hop than the actual music. "I think those people are on a different planet than us," he replied. The paparazzo mentioned The Joe Budden Podcast. “Joe is being successful, N.O.R.E he’s being successful. They deserve that success. But at the same time, right, we just did the New York State of Mind Tour. No algorithms, no streaming. Sold out Hollywood Bowl and so many places."

"Hip Hop is embedded within its culture, and nothing's gonna stop that," RZA continued. "So, we're going to continue to grow and find other outlets and avenues." Conversations surrounding the surge of Hip Hop podcasters were recently reignited during Noreaga's appearance on Budden's platform. The two joked about their peer launching podcasts but failing miserably. Budden went on to say that he likes to see those failures.

Joe Budden's Explained His Thoughts On Hip Hop Podcasters Bowing Out

“Statistics show that most of you are failing. From 2018 up until now, podcast creation is down over half – more than half,” he said. “Y’all n***as is failing. I like it. As somebody who dedicated his life to podcasting, and I’m not leaving no time soon, I like when all of y’all jump in the race and bump ya head a few times and run away ‘cause there ain’t no money in it.”


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