Kanye West has been killing the sneaker game for over a decade, but it was only when he began partnering with Nike that his influence became household knowledge. Beginning with the extraordinarily chunky Nike Air Yeezy Zen Grey, we take a chronological look at every single Yeezy sneaker that has released; 21 sneakers in total.

One of the most marked changes in Kanye West’s Yeezy sneaker line is that the silhouettes has gotten significantly less chunky. The original Nike Air Yeezy is huge, the Nike Air Yeezy 2 was much slimmer, and his Yeezy line for Adidas is a full on runner (at least the low tops). Part of this is due to new material trends in shoes (ie. Primeknit-styel fabrics), but the singular focus on growth and progression in the Yeezy designs reflects Kanye’s growth as a musician.

As Kanye continues to invest in his fashion line, do you think his focus on the originator of it all – the Yeezy shoe – will wane? Which one of the Yeezys shown in the video is your favorite?


Evolution Of The Yeezy: 2009-2017