Kash Doll Defends La La Anthony’s Role In “BMF”

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BMF Season 2 Los Angeles Premiere Event
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No one messes with her sis.

Viewers of a show or film will oftentimes associate the actor and or actress with their character outside of the show. Point in case, star La La Anthony. The former MTV personality has been under fire for her role in BMF on STARZ as of late. While she has talked about it in the past, it was co-star Kash Doll who spoke on her behalf last week.

The Detroit rapper and new mom was nearing the end of her NYC promo run when she was approached by TMZ reporters last Friday (Feb. 17). They asked her to share her thoughts on Markisha Taylor and Terry Flenory’s relationship, played by La La and actor Da’Vinci. The on-screen—rumored off-screen lovers—have eyes on them for the portrayal of an older woman having an affair with an up-and-coming drug kingpin still in high school. Especially since the show is largely based on the real lives of the Black Mafia Family.

Kash Doll Defends Co-Star La La Anthony

As Anthony’s name was mentioned, Kash Doll immediately came to her defense. “Why is it a problem if she’s acting it?” she questioned. “It ain’t like she’s dating him for real.” She went on to add that “a lot of it is not all the way true.” “[The show is] based on a true story but they[‘re] putting the lil’ sauce on it.”

Her response comes after backlash from BMF viewers since the season 2 premiere. Twitter user @taurusk_ tweeted: “So we just gonna breeze by La La Character in BMF being a child predator? lol.” Lala recently alluded to Markisha being the “older girlfriend” who forced Terry to step up and become a man in his late teens. During a visit to The Breakfast Club, Anthony spoke on her role and the woman who inspired it. The First Lady in question, Tonesa Welch, went on to share the interview and her grievances with the show as a whole. Big Meech is also providing his thoughts on the drama series. This was detailed by his son Lil Meech in a January interview. Let us know what you think about all of this, in the comments below.

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