If nothing else, XXXTENTACION is a warrior.

Posting to social media earlier this afternoon, XXX said that cancelling tonight’s show in Santa Ana, CA isn’t an option for him.

“If you think we finna cancel our fucking Santa Ana show for a n***a sucker punching me, the f**k you got going on,” X said. “We lit tonight bitch, stop hating.” Additionally, he calls out his enemies and tells them to come out of the woodwork if they have beef with him. “[I’m] still in Cali, I want all the smoke, come to my show. I’m in your muthaf***in’ state. I want all the pressure. Come knock me the f**k out, again[…].”

XXXTENTACION got attacked by an attendee at one of his shows yesterday and hit the deck hard. He’s kind of slurring his words in the video too, so hopefully he doesn’t have any lasting, severe injuries.

You can view the entire video tomorrow. 



XXXTENTACION Tells Enemies To Come At Him Again In New Video