Southside recently claimed that he received a beat battle challenge from Lex Luger. He accepted the challenge — on the condition that they battle for $100,000 rather the Luger’s proposed $50,000. 

“So, I wake up. I got a DM from Lex Luger talking about a beat battle with me, Metro, and Sonny. Lex, this is $50,000,” Southside said, referring to the stack of cash in his hand. “Until you got a whole 100 on you you can gamble with, bro, don’t hit me talking about no beat battle. Put a whole hundred on the table and we can beat battle.”

Luger responded with a since-deleted Instagram video in which he expressed his willingness to go toe-to-toe with any producer. Southside pressed him on Twitter: “I tell u what tell a nigga get the hunnid grand and show it to me @SmokedOutLuger and not 6k and a 2003 bens and I’m on.”

Who you got: Luger or Southside?


Southside Responds To Lex Luger's Beat Battle Challenge